Top Digital Marketing Tips for Women-Owned Businesses

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Explore our choice digital marketing tips for today’s women-owned businesses that will generate leads AND increase your ROI!

Before entering a deep discussion about digital marketing for today’s women-owned businesses, let’s check out the following eye-opening statistics1!

  1. Nearly 70% of women-owned businesses are run by Gen-Xers!
  2. Women own over 40% of all U.S. businesses— roughly 13 million.
  3. Over 9 million U.S. workers are employed by female business owners!
  4. About 850 new women-owned establishments open daily.
  5. In addition, most women went into business for themselves for these popular reasons: 1. Financial Independence. 2. Increased Flexibility. And 3. Pursuing Passion.

Like any other company, women-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned businesses can all benefit from the proven digital marketing strategies that work best for their industry. And at BUILDINGBLOCKS, our focus is to help ensure success through innovative tools that are guaranteed to yield a substantial ROI, keep customers and clients happy, and add value to their lives.

Therefore, this article provides FIVE essential tips for marketing success for women-owned businesses.

So, what makes digital marketing work for women-owned businesses in the 21st century?

That question is easy! We’ve discovered that the five proven factors guaranteed to work for a woman-owned business are the same ones that apply to any company’s marketing strategy. And they are as follows:


BBMS infographic 5 Digital Marketing Factors


Before reading further, check out “The One Thing…” video clip from Jason!


Tip #1
— Incorporate digital marketing with confidence.

The top reason women can run their companies with complete confidence is that the trend of male dominance in business ownership has shifted. For example, in the United States alone, business ownership among men and women is nearly 50/50, with about 49% of women owning businesses compared to 51% of men.

However, the fact remains that some ladies still experience struggles in the areas of feeling confident in themselves and their business success. And the battles are especially evident when it comes to:

  1. Industry Competition
  2. Business Perception & Professionalism
  3. Goal Achievement
  4. Balancing Family-Life, and
  5. Implementing the Right Marketing Strategies

Confident women-owned businesses leverage digital marketing.Yet, if you, as a business owner, are consistently thinking of ways to adjust and work through these struggles, then you’re likely on track to building a successful and sustainable company. And although a Gender Pay Gap still exists in the workplace where ladies earn 83% of men’s salaries, women choosing to go into business for themselves helps bridge that gap.

Bottom Line— You can do this, especially with the backing of a strategic digital marketing partner who can help ensure overall success!

Tip #2— Meet customer needs online with a website that works.

After researching to understand your target audience, there’s only one top way to stay connected to them and meet their needs online. And that is to— ‘Have an engaging, responsive, and functional website!‘ The digital marketing tip of having a website that works provides a beautiful platform for your patrons to access products, services, and industry resource information.

Once you become familiar with your audience’s values, online search behaviors, and needs, you can develop a customer-centered site that keeps them connected.

A great site with exceptional customer service will always ensure that you’re:

  • Offering viable solutions
  • Meeting immediate needs
  • Providing critical resource information
  • Creating opportunities for growth
  • Keeping customers happy

Tip #3— Build trust with resourceful digital marketing content and brand consistency.

Consistency with every marketing campaign helps build trust, customer confidence, and quality assurance. And when customers/clients know they can rely on your brand to deliver consistently, you also feel more confident about running your business and deepening relationships.

The best way to build trust and brand consistency is through posting fresh, relevant, and resourceful industry content online. Also, you’ll want to ensure your content marketing is incorporated through your website, email marketing, social media platforms, and within your messaging and customer service encounters. This process is key to great branding and awareness.

Business Mom utilizes digital marketing from home.And step one involves developing a solid brand strategy. In fact, brand strategy starts with defining what your business offers, your ideal audience, brand messaging, values, uniqueness, and goals.

Tip #4— Promote easy access online through inbound marketing.

It’s vital to consistently guide potential leads and clients in what they need to do to access products and services. However, you must first attract them to your business with inbound digital marketing tools. Such tools can include— SEO, emails, social media, and digital ads. And once you’ve effectively attracted and guided them online, you can then ask for what you want.

Although some may, no woman-owned business should be challenged with asking for what they want customers and clients to do when they visit their website. And with an innovative inbound marketing strategy, you can guide customers in their buying journey and the quest to obtain what they need each time they hit your website. For instance, there is a solemn truth with this digital marketing tip— ‘You have not because you ask not.’ (James 4:2b) Therefore, if you don’t provide direct CTAs (calls-to-action) on your inbound marketing platforms, your targeted audience and leads won’t know how to follow through to access what you’re offering them, and they won’t convert.

So, make sure to provide guidance when visitors hit your website, and have CTAs to help enhance CRO. As a matter of fact, CTAs are so effective that even placing one call-to-action in an email campaign can up customer click-through rates by 371%!

Tip #5— Consider having a strategic marketing partnership with BUILDINGBLOCKS!

One of the most critical things entrepreneurs must do is invest their digital marketing dollars wisely, regardless of whether they’re a woman-owned, veteran-owned, and majority or minority-owned business. And true marketing success can only come from one thing. That is, the assistance of a professional marketing partner vested in helping you develop a solid ROI-based plan.

Over the years, we’ve learned the importance of making essential marketing investments to ensure growth and sustainability. And countless companies that have maintained marketing success have done so. How? They value the investment in reaching, serving, and preserving their customers and staff.

BUILDINGBLOCKS aims to position your company for growth and success through strategic and proven digital marketing services and consulting. So, if you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you with success, connect with us online, call us at 281-203-0529, OR get started with your FREE Marketing Assessment by clicking below!

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