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Brothers in battle and business.

A Special Veteran's Day Blessing From Our CEO

From facing adversity to building innovative solutions.

I’ll never forget the first time our unit entered into battle during the Gulf War. I was a 19-year old Corpsman with a Marine Infantry Unit, afraid of dying in a foreign land and never seeing my family again. Yet, it was a sobering truth I had to face.

However, the moment I accepted that truth, the fears were no longer significant. I was able to focus on what mattered most, taking care of my Brothers. OORAH!

Like many Vets, transitioning to civilian life has had its challenges. But through every difficulty, I discovered a passion for helping businesses master and become successful with online marketing.

Helping Veterans compete for new business opportunities through online marketing.

Although small businesses make up for the majority of the U.S. economy, only 9.1% of those businesses are Veteran-owned. Like many of the other small companies and start-ups, Veterans face the same top five online marketing challenges.

For over 18 years, I’ve been a part of marketing and advertising’s progression into a very sophisticated instrument on the internet. This evolution has allowed small Veteran-owned businesses to be more competitive now more than ever.

What Veteran marketing challenge is your business facing? I’d love the opportunity to meet and discuss them with you, while also helping you discover how BUILDINGBLOCKS can help.

Help during uncertain times

During challenges and uncertain times, everyone can use some help.

We understand the challenges that many of our fellow Veterans face when it comes to starting or growing a business. This is why we are committed to ensuring that when you choose BUILDINGBLOCKS to help with developing your unique Veteran marketing strategy, you’ll have the most comprehensive services available.

In fact, we are willing to put “Skin-in-the-Game” for your success. Every Veteran-owned business that invests in our marketing solutions will receive a 10% service discount.

This Veteran marketing services discount is our way of saying “Thank You” and of “Giving Back” to our community of fellow servicemen and women.

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Marketing services and solutions that support your growth.

We consult with you to ensure you have the right services to help your business grow and achieve your unique objectives. It all starts with a free consultation. During the meeting we work to understand the problems your business is facing and how our services can address your needs.


Our Veteran marketing service solutions include:

Ready to advance your business objective? We are ready to help! Take the first step, schedule your free consultation today.

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