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Business Goals

The Trouble With Tradition

For as long as companies have offered products or services, they’ve developed marketing plan strategies to encourage consumer purchasing. Yet, the traditional sales funnel concept dates back to the late 1800s. Consequently, it provides a simple metaphor for the path customers take on their way to purchase.

Unfortunately, companies and marketing agencies go about advertising while using this same funnel model. Therefore, the traditional way of advertising with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other digital marketing platforms is wrong. (We’ll tell you why when we meet.)

Nowadays, there are hundreds of factors that influence each customer’s sales journey. However, the key to successfully connecting with them at the right moment is through creating an IMPACT – Internet Marketing Plan of Action.

There are 6 Essential Elements of an IMPACT – Internet Marketing Plan of Action

The critical elements of any successful online marketing plan include five concepts. Those concepts include product, price, place, positioning, and promotion, or the Five P’s of marketing. However, our IMPACT strategy also considers Six P’s for online marketing, which takes on a unique definition.

Our Process for Generating an IMPACT

Internet Marketing Plan of Action

Do you consistently evaluate your team’s marketing strategy each year? If not, you should!

Yearly plans help you set your marketing on the right course for success. They also ensure your company’s business goals become a reality. Think of IMPACT as the strategic marketing plan that guides the direction of your team’s campaigns, goals, and tactical growth.

The following points outline the basic steps of implementing and managing your IMPACT, which we’ve designed to strategically optimize its success. Ask about our “Skin in the Game” Guarantee.

Plan of action
Plan Of Action
Analyze & Adjust
Analyze & Adjust

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