What a Quality Web Design Does for Your Business

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Dear Reader, if you view a company’s online presence as merely a digital brochure-type site, this article is not for you!


However, this blog is for “Non-Do-It-Yourselfers” who believe a business web design is a functional, interactive tool, used to help generate quality leads to the right resources, products, and services. So, keep reading if you could use a professional digital marketing partner who will—

  1. Bring your site into the 21st century with quality design aesthetics, functional navigation, and responsiveness
  2. Provide exceptional web design UI and UX
  3. Help you create attractive messaging and resourceful content that converts leads into happy customers

In truth, a professional website design comes with vital benefits critical to overall business marketing growth and customer satisfaction. And since it’s one of the top substantial investments for any business, hiring a professional marketing web developer and designer will enable you to experience those benefits and obtain a significant ROI.

Primary Benefits of Having a Quality Web Design


Let’s begin with Benefit #1— Professional web designs will help your business do MORE than make a lasting impression!

What perceptions do you think online visitors and potential customers have about your business when they first hit your website? Knowing the answer to this question is crucial to whether your site is an attractive and resourceful access tool for them or one that will cause them to click out within the first 3-4 seconds!

You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, that statement is dead today, especially regarding websites. First impressions are EVERYTHING when people visit a business site, as they’ll have immediate perceptions about a company based on its website look and layout! And since your ‘home page’ is the “book cover,” per se, milliseconds matter as you only get one chance to make a fantastic first impression.

In addition, you’ll need to ensure you know who is visiting your site and why. Knowing these things is critical to ensuring you meet their needs on Page 1 and throughout the site. Fortunately, all these elements are addressed and considered in quality web design.

And skilled developers/designers will create innovative engagements with online visitors through UI and UX encounters that help them—

  1. Stay engaged longer
  2. Have a pleasant experience with each visit
  3. Quickly access exactly what they need from your website

Benefit #2— Responsive web designs connect you to more happy customers!

If you want your business to effectively attract and interact with more high-quality leads, potential business partners, skilled employees, and current happy customers, your site must be:

  • Well-laid-out
  • Trustworthy
  • Resourceful

Surprisingly, your website’s design can provide visitors with keen insights into how you view them and how well you’ll treat them from the information and visuals on the site.

These days, people have more confidence in using nicely designed and highly functional/intuitive sites. Most importantly, they’ll frequent sites where they can quickly see and access the information they need without sensing their personal data could be compromised. A reliable, resourceful, and well-designed site helps your business build trust with its targeted audience.

And as a result, as they consistently experience pleasant encounters with each visit, they are happier and more willing to refer your company to others. And over time, you become a resource industry leader who consistently provides a responsive site that works.

Benefit #3— Would you like to boost SEO and move up in SERPs? A quality design with phenomenal content can make that happen!

The whole point of having a website for your company, great or small, is to get FOUND online. Your site is the venue by which people who want and need what you offer can find you. Yet, the only way people can find your business online is through a quality website design populated with content that matches your audience’s search behaviors. Although what you offer is essential, it’s not nearly as important as how you “position” your site’s content on that product or service.

Search engine bots and spiders constantly crawl sites to find relevant and optimized content that matches the millions of search queries occurring every minute. So, ensure your site has valuable and optimized content and that you’re consistently providing fresh content regularly. In turn, the more bots can match your pages to search queries, the quicker you move up on SERPs (search engine results pages).

However, when it comes to winning with SEO, this practice doesn’t happen overnight; the process of consistently incorporating SEO into strategic marketing plans takes time. And in the end, you’ll find the investments of time and treasure you put into your website well worth the return you receive from your SEO efforts!


Benefit #4— You can build brand consistency.

Professional website designs can certainly help strengthen your business brand identity and make it even stronger! And with a boost in brand identity, you also gain an edge over the competition. Yet, you must establish that brand, work on establishing and maintaining it consistently, and then watch it grow.

Even by making a few minor yet substantial brand updates to your highly-functional website, you’ll see a significant difference in how visitors respond to it and your brand. Again, consistency is the KEY!

It’s also worth mentioning that professional website designers will always have a bigger picture in mind while developing your site. For instance, they’ll help you incorporate content brand messaging on each page while ensuring the entire site has consistent visual brand guidelines. All these elements, like logo usage, fonts, messaging, and corporate brand colors, directly help you experience growth as you build your business brand to faithfully serve your customers.


Benefit #5— Lastly, quality web designs help generate and convert leads!


Great web design helps generate leadsGenerating lead attraction and conversion are just two ways we measure marketing success at BUILDINGBLOCKS. And once you’ve mastered the process of measuring how many leads you gain over time, you’ll see positive growth with each conversion! Yet, the criteria for experiencing an increase in lead conversion is to ensure your content, lead magnets, and calls-to-action are accessible and appealing enough to guide potential leads/buyers through the sales funnel.

The ability to attract the right kind of customer leads and drive traffic to your site is an art and the key to increasing your bottom line! However, having a professional web design is the first step AND the best start to getting people to your site and keeping them engaged long enough to convert! The longer you can get visitors to stay on your website and keep coming to it, the better.

Great web designs allow visitors to:

  1. Explore products and services
  2. Become familiar with your brand,
  3. Access resource information through—
    • Intriguing calls-to-action
    • Lead magnets
    • Free promotional downloads

All these elements work in tandem to ensure you obtain a substantial ROI, real results, and significant growth.

Take the first step to having a functional, responsive, and optimized website.

Get your free website analysis! You cannot know where to take your business until you first know your starting point. And our web analysis helps you determine a baseline so you can set realistic goals. In fact, you may be surprised at what your website already has and how it’s currently working for you. Or, you may be shocked about what’s NOT working for you and the opportunities available for improvement.

Regardless of your website status, we’re here to help turn it into a lead-generating and functional tool that works. Even more, we want to see the results bring a substantial ROI. So, let’s get started! Call 281-203-0529 today, or get your analysis by clicking below.

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