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When it comes to moving quality lead generation through the sales cycle and getting customers to convert, there is just one thing to consider. First, businesses must learn to focus 70-80% of their digital marketing efforts on and invest more into the customers at the bottom of their sales funnel! Why? It’s quite simply because those leads are much closer to making a purchase conversion.

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Traditional marketing maintains the idea that businesses must focus their sales energies on lead generation at the “Top of Funnel.” Then, nurture them through the sales cycle on their buyer’s journey. In theory, this technique certainly helps promote brand awareness by familiarizing customers with a business. Yet, it’s also time-consuming and may only yield a small percentage of conversions over an extended time period.

Before reading more, learn the tips that will help you optimize success and improve CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Marketers should know the three basic facts about bottom-funnel leads and conversions.

HubSpot surveyed a group of salespeople and found that only 7 percent of those they polled believed the leads they received from digital marketing efforts were, in fact, high-quality leads. With such low percentages, perhaps it’s time marketers consider focusing more energy on their “Bottom of Funnel” leads instead.

So, what should your business know and understand about bottom-funnel leads?

1.    These potential customers or clients have come close to the end of their buying journey.

They already know what they want and have completed all the necessary research to make their final decision. When people intend to purchase a product or service, they usually conduct searches with specific keywords. Such keywords can include search phrases like – ‘bulk restaurant supplies near me,’ ‘top family dentists Houston,’ or ‘landscape equipment Milwaukee.’

2.    Bottom funnel leads will answer calls to action on relevant digital marketing platforms.

The bottom-funnel customers are those who have subscribed to an email marketing database, interacted with your business on social media, and downloaded content from your website. When they reach this point, you must follow up with them to ensure they have all they need to convert and make a successful purchase.

3.    They are people who are ready to purchase.

By the time prospective clients reach the bottom of your sales funnel, it means they’ve found value in your company and have demonstrated a high interest in purchasing your product or service. In other words, they are the low-hanging grapes that are ripe and ready for picking.

Why should today’s digital marketing strategies focus on investing in bottom-funnel sales?

Digital marketing bottom-funnel sales conceptSuccessful companies are beginning to see that they’re spending way too much time on top-funnel leads. However, please note that no one thinks filling the top of your sales funnel with potential clients is a bad idea. In fact, outstanding businesses know the essence of maintaining a steady stream of new leads coming through the sales cycle.

Yet, from the standpoint of getting new leads to convert over time, it takes much longer to maintain and move them through the funnel from top to bottom. In truth, it is quite uncommon to obtain the perfect funnel system for converting customers. But any unconventional and innovative strategy that helps enhance sales will make a massive difference to your bottom line. Therefore, if you have a sizable number of promising leads at the bottom of the funnel1 close to conversion, it may prove profitable to invest in retargeting to this refined audience.

Remember, the key to your bottom line is what you do with bottom-funnel leads.

According to recent remarketing stats, visitors and leads are 70 percent more likely to convert and close when companies retarget digital ads on their websites.

This statistic means that digital marketing ads work when you consider retargeting bottom-funnel leads. All you’ll need to do at this point are three things:

  1. Focus your digital marketing dollars on explaining WHY your product/service is the best solution.
  2. Offer FREE resource solutions that are engaging and relevant to their problems or needs.
  3. Stay connected to them by conducting weekly “touchpoints” to let them know you are available for them.

There are five crucial benefits to remarketing to bottom-funnel leads.

First – Companies can obtain enhanced data.

Bottom funnel lead conversion helps businesses see which strategies worked best and led each customer to the point of close. Also, companies can use that same data to tweak and adjust other phases of the sales funnel to tailor resources, attract more quality leads, and improve lead movement.

Second – You’ll get refined leads of a higher quality.

Today, three out of ten salespeople believe it’s more challenging to obtain conversions. However, when focusing on bottom-funnel leads, companies can work with more qualified customers ready to convert. Fortunately, with the concentrated data received from the potential leads they attracted towards the bottom of the funnel, businesses can optimize nurturing tactics and database marketing automation strategies to improve conversions further.

Third – Marketing teams see improved lead conversion numbers.

When focusing on the prospective customers at the bottom of the sales funnel, you can accomplish multiple goals quickly. For one, you’ll improve your overall lead generation numbers simply because those customers are closer to making a purchase decision.

And since the primary goal of converting qualified leads to close is a big win for everyone, companies generate revenues faster from bottom-funnel leads. In turn, they also see quicker returns on their investments.

Fourth – Sales funnels are more optimized.

When companies apply what they’ve learned from bottom-funnel leads to other areas of the sales funnel, the entire sales cycle becomes more efficient. In other words, your digital marketing efforts become optimized. Even more, you can reduce customer acquisition costs and improve your ROI because of knowing which tactics to continue investing in and which ones to stop utilizing.

Discover the fifth benefit of refocusing your digital marketing efforts to bottom-funnel lead generation.

The final benefit is obtaining an outsourced digital marketing partner who will help improve your bottom line. When partnering with us, you have an assurance that we’ll put your marketing dollars to work with the intent of you seeing a return on your investment.

So, put our experience to the test and connect with us online or via phone call at 281-203-0529. We’re excited to hear about your marketing needs and share how we can best serve your organization!



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