Why We Read Blogs: The Good Reads of Content Marketing

Relevant content marketing remains the pinnacle of every inbound marketing campaign, especially if your goal is ‘success.’ And most often, the foundation on which we build that pinnacle is the SEO blog! Therefore, if you’re wondering whether blogs are still necessary and why we even read them, this blog about blogs and the subsequent eye-opening stats tell it all!

This blog article discusses the following topics.

The Proof Is In the Pudding! See 9 Eye-Opening SEO Blog Statistics


2022 Content Marketing Blog Statistics Table

So, here’s the first BIG question: ‘Why is content marketing so important?’


Never, in all my years, have I noticed how easily we’ve been able to shamelessly blame everything on the pandemic! It sounds funny, but it is, in fact, the truth. The pandemic of 2020 changed EVERYTHING, and content marketing was no exception.

Although COVID-19 negatively impacted many businesses, it positively impacted online search behaviors and people’s responses to digital marketing. So, when the world shut down publicly, it turned its sights and opened its eyes to cyberspace. And as a result, billions of people sought the internet daily to search and connect to:

  • Vital Content Information
  • School and Institutional Portals
  • Employer and Work Portals
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Products and Services Available Online

Therefore, the relevant and vital content that people published online during the pandemic became the critical connection we all needed to continue functioning in a drastically changed world! And though many still have lower attention spans, we still read blogs— now more than ever! So, what does this mean for businesses that want to maintain business growth and sustainability? It means they must start or continue writing industry blogs and consistently posting relevant content marketing insights.

The Must-Do Blogging Checklist

Besides the consistent boost in blog reading today, how we read them has also changed.


Even the kind of content we now read has changed. For example, the need for relevant content marketing and “How To” blogs have steadily increased since 2019 because more people search for instructions on how to do things themselves.

Moreover, how we use SEO, conduct searches online, and the ‘way’ we read blogs has changed. For instance, the average person skims over an article in under 40 seconds, which means they aren’t reading the whole blog. And if we take less than a minute to read a blog these days, then we’re likely searching through content only to find specific information we need.

Let’s move on to the second BIG question: ‘Why do we read SEO blogs?’


Child content marketing blog readerThough it still seems surprising that blogs remain relevant, they are because there’s overwhelming evidence that indicates we’re still reading them. Yet, to keep today’s blog readers connected, we must also provide content that is engaging2 AND easily accessible/formatted. In other words, the more proficient we become at writing blogs that cater to our readers’ info-scanning behaviors, the better our chances of generating leads and seeing an ROI.

So, we must ensure every content marketing post helps potential buyers and quality leads get to their needed solutions and information as quickly as possible!

The Top Reasons Why We Read Blogs Today

There are tons of reasons why we read blog articles. Yet, these days, most of us peruse through to locate the solutions and information we need to help us navigate life. And to get to what we want, the most popular reasons for opening blogs are as follows.

    1. We want to learn something new, develop new skill sets, and/or access ways to improve our lives!
    2. People need to know how to make, assemble, or operate something.
    3. Buyers vet and compare services and products to see which solutions work best for them.
    4. We need relevant and factual news and updated/real-time information, especially from the most reliable and trusted sources.
    5. People need to locate answers to essential questions and find viable solutions to challenges.
    6. We enjoy being entertained and desire a little escape from the chaos.
    7. People want to gain insights and follow the teachings of various industry experts.
    8. We need to connect with like-minded groups and organizations within an online community.

If your business doesn’t blog, you could be missing out on these FIVE key benefits!

When companies blog, benefits follow— period! The most substantial benefits can include the following:

  1. Chances of increasing SEO ranking and higher SERPs by +400%
  2. Generating at least 2-3 times more leads
  3. Increasing your ROI when those leads convert into paying customers
  4. Positioning your business as an industry leader
  5. Providing solutions and improving connections with potential and current customers/clients

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The Must-Do Blogging Checklist


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