5 Factors to Build Online Marketing Success for Veterans

Recent U.S. Census Bureau research still shows that Veteran-owned businesses remain consistent in the United States. Fortunately, this is persistent great news for the economy as our government continues to work towards recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic. And with a little over 6 percent of all businesses in the U.S. being Veteran-owned businesses, the math stays favorable as veterans currently make up nearly 7 percent of the U.S. population. However, every business owner must understand that to effectively achieve online marketing success, it will require five critical components.

As we discuss these five factors for building online marketing success, know that most businesses will traditionally only invest in about three of the five. And sadly, there is always the risk of “hit-or-miss” when it comes to companies seeing a return on their investment. So, let’s dig into these five critical components so that your company can achieve guaranteed success.




1.     Here’s the truth: online marketing success must begin with an IMPACT plan.


Most businesses that search for ways to utilize online marketing to increase revenues will generally know exactly what tools they want to employ. Moreover, many others also won’t have a strategic plan in place on how to reach those goals. With IMPACT (an Internet Marketing Plan of Action), your business will have a real sense of direction on how you’ll obtain your goals.

Ben Franklin put it “frankly” hundreds of years ago, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’  So, whether you’re a Veteran entrepreneur or not, developing a comprehensive online marketing plan of action is critical to business success.

2.     Veteran-owned and commercial businesses alike must have a website that functions properly.


There’s no point in having a fantastic website if it doesn’t generate quality leads for your company. Every business deserves a website that works. For example, since Veteran-owned companies primarily consist of insurance and finance industry businesses, while transportation and construction come to a close second, it’s crucial to have a functional website.

Yes, your business website needs to look aesthetically appealing. Yet, it’s equally crucial that your site is responsive, user-friendly, and provides exceptionally engaging and relevant content. Perhaps what’s most important about a business website is that customers can find it online when they search for related products and services. Even more, once they reach your site – Will it provide connections for them that will meet their needs and/or solve their problems?

As a professional provider of goods and business services, regardless of your industry, you must understand that the website is your company’s most valuable asset.  And this is why – Over 90% of business purchase decisions start with an online search of a website.

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3.     You’ll also want to consider an effective inbound marketing campaign.


Does your business have an inbound marketing strategy? Have you ever considered one? If not, keep reading. Inbound marketing is a campaign strategy where companies use tools to bring qualified leads and prospects to their website. However, the key is to find ways to bring customers towards your business instead of using toss-out marketing tactics in hopes of getting a “bite.”

As a Veteran-owned business, we also understand the importance of outbound marketing. But an inbound lead generation campaign is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. The strategy behind successful inbound marketing is to offer relevant content about your business that matches potential customer needs. Once you learn what qualified leads are searching for online, you can then position your campaign and be found.

4.      Regardless of how much online marketing protocol changes, you’ll always need great content marketing to achieve success.


There’s a delicate balance between having relevant content and not having too much as part of your online marketing strategy. As much and as often as digital marketing changes, content remains the constant king! In fact, every single successful online marketing campaign must start and end with content.

Content is the most vital part of any marketing strategy. Furthermore, whatever content you provide online about your business must also make a connection with potential buyers. When customers are online searching for products and services as solutions to their problems, they will only visit sites they believe could potentially offer what they’re looking for. How well will you position your content marketing strategy to make the right connections with those customers?


5.     Lastly, Veteran-owned businesses should always incorporate ongoing conversion rate optimization (CRO).



When you optimize your business website experience and set it up to improve the user rate and convert visitors to a desired action, you’re utilizing Conversion rate optimization (CRO). With successful online marketing, web analytics CRO becomes a systematic process for increasing the overall amount of prospects to your site and then converting them into customers.

Yet, once visitors get to your site, you must have your CRO strategy in place to move them through the sales cycle so they’ll become potential customers. We specialize in helping commercial and Veteran-owned businesses drive traffic to their website while also providing insightful strategies to help convert those leads.



For Veteran businesses desiring online marketing success, experienced help and professional partnerships matter.


Most companies cannot do digital marketing alone; they need professional partnerships to help them build business success. So, what frustrations and digital marketing challenges is your company facing? Tell BUILDINGBLOCKS about it by connecting with us online or calling 281-203-0529. Learn about our value proposition for helping you achieve your business goals!

We know that 2020 has been quite an unprecedented year for businesses across the country. Yet, we’re here for you! Happy Veterans Day and THANK YOU for your service!

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