Lead Generation

Get more of the right prospects to your website.

Lead generation starts with knowing why someone is visiting your website.

Most companies don’t realize that there are generally three types of visitors that will come to their website as potential leads.

  1. Buyers – Visitors that are on your site to purchase a product or service.
  2. Prospects – Visitors who have a genuine interest in the product or service you offer. Yet, they are in shopping-mode, visiting, comparing, and vetting similar companies with the same offerings.
  3. Researchers – Visitors who have problems are seeking solutions, answers, and insights into “how to” or “what can” resolve their issue.

Interestingly enough, each visitor follows a unique journey towards arriving at your website. Therefore, each will require a novel strategy to engage and move them to the appropriate action to meet needs and expectations. 

Do you know who has visited your website and why?  Do you have a lead generation strategy for your website?  If your answer is no, or if you are unsure, we would love the opportunity to meet. 

In our meeting, you’ll discover the four components of lead generation, and we’ll help you choose which tools will work best for your marketing goals and assist your company in obtaining qualified leads.

Use a simple approach to qualified lead generation.

Effectively connecting to targeted personas is the essence of successful lead generation. Do you know the persona of the three types of visitors to your business website? Are you sending the same message to each of them?

There is one primary reason why companies don’t see the kind of qualified leads and ROIs they’re looking for with online marketing. They typically promote themselves rather than meeting the unique needs of every persona that engages with their brand. Unfortunately, this is the ingrained traditional approach to online marketing that remains in the hearts and minds of business owners. However, once the focus transfers to the needs of online visitors, that’s lead generation!

Are you ready for a simple strategy for marketing success?

Growth goals matter. Lead generation is necessary to get you there.

At BUILDINGBLOCKS, we’ve become quite passionate about helping companies develop a system for consistently generating quality leads. 

You have goals for your digital marketing campaigns; we have a way to get you there.  Allow us to analyze your online marketing strategy, and its current performance to discover where your most significant marketing opportunity lies.

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