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The definitive goal of any business website is to generate quality leads that will eventually convert into paying customers. Research shows that roughly 4% of people who visit your site are actually ready to buy. That percentage is tiny. So, how do we reach the other 96%? It’s essential to collect visitor information so you can initiate nurturing campaigns for the many prospects that visit your site. Integrating the appropriate lead generation strategies and tools for your target audience is guaranteed to help generate new potential customers for your business.

Fortunately, there are several resources available these days to help you develop a successful lead generation process. For example, there are tools you can use, like form generators and information collectors. These tools can work in tandem with website optimization to help turn your business leads into conversions.

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In this article, we discuss five top strategies that you can incorporate in your business website. Like a recent sentiment from Forbes.com, we also hope you can utilize this information and experience a strong 2021 fiscal year.


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5 Strategies for Lead Generation Success

For lead generation to be successful, people must first find your website during their searches. Next, your site should convince them to share their contact information before they leave the site. This will require a strategic approach, combining website optimization and the use of lead generation tools. Here are five helpful strategies that will bring business success.

1. Optimize Your Website Content

The content on your website is what helps recall your company in search engine results. You can draw visitors to your site with keywords that are relevant to their online searches. Lastly, you must create content that potential customers find valuable as it answers their questions and provides a solution to their needs.

The best way to generate quality leads through your website is perhaps through lead magnets.  A lead magnet consists of unique content that is also relevant to a customer’s need. Marketing strategists will place them into an online downloadable format. For instance, popular lead magnet examples include:

    • Simple Checklists
    • Mini eBooks
    • Resource Guides
    • Workbooks

Relevancy is also crucial when developing these types of tools. So, make sure you know what topics interest your audience the most and then build your content around that!

2. Provide Clear CTA’s

Include eye-catching call-to-action offers on high-performing pages of your website. Consider words like “Try” and “Limited Time”,  to draw attention and create a sense of urgency. Bright colors and prominent banners are also easy to spot on an optimized website design. Ensure that your offers are relevant to visitors’ needs to help increase the likelihood they’ll click them.

Lead Generation Through Popups

One of the best call-to-action features you can utilize is the popup! I know they annoy you; they annoy me too! However, there are three strategies you can implement to ensure that popups will not irritate your visitors. Like with anything digital, it starts with relevant and engaging content.

      • Exit-intent popup technology helps you collect information from people who are about to exit your site. Using this technology provides a way to entice visitors to subscribe.
      • Then, there is gamification, which is an emerging popup that promotes various offers that users have a chance of winning. The better the offers, the more people will participate.
      • Last, try incorporating multi-step website popups to entice users in an offer they might otherwise have overlooked.

3. Post Forms on Every Page

If you want to experience digital marketing success, you’ll have to make it easy for prospective customers to leave their contact information. For instance, there are tons of lead generation tools, like Leedfeeder, to help you build contact forms. Other tools, like Lead Forensics and Hotjar, are also great website integrations to help generate new leads.

To ensure effectiveness, you’ll want to embed them in your site strategically. Overall, company-site form fills should remain relevant to your content on each page. Furthermore, forms should only ask for basic information, like their name, email address, and phone number.

4. Track Submissions with Lead Generation Tools

Once you’ve used your forms to collect lead information, you’ll need to track submissions. Form scraping tools gather all of your data and consolidate it into your contact database. This makes the follow-up process easier and faster for you.

Google Analytics is, by far, the most innovative tool for tracking leads. Out of the many benefits Google Analytics (GA) offers, users can track the unique source of the lead generated. Whether the lead is a result of an email campaign, paid advertising, webinar, chat, or popup box, a well-structured GA account will provide those details. Also, GA offers a host of other insights that you can use to optimize your campaign’s performance.

5. Include Your Contact Information

Give visitors a variety of ways to reach you. For example, you can include a contact phone number and offer a live chat option. In the end, you’ll want to make it easy for people to connect with you. Easy access to you helps build a sense of trust and loyalty among your customer base, which can eventually lead to conversions.


Ideally, you should keep your contact information in the same spot on every page of your site. Never confuse site visitors online by making them work to find your contact information. Should this happen, you increase the risk of losing potential leads because they’ve clicked off of your site.

Overall, visitors come to sites for convenience. In doing so, they will always encounter a user experience (UX) and an interface (UI) with your website. You’ll want to make their visit as convenient and as pleasant as possible. Contacting your business should be the easiest journey a user can take on your site. So, keep their visit positive; this is perhaps the best lead generation strategy yet!

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