Show the Money! Up Sales with Email Marketing Automation

Every good business prefers to see a return on their investment these days, and most successful ones do! Yet, one of the best ways to obtain accurate results is to implement best-practice strategies that coincide with email marketing automation. So, when companies say, “Show me the money,” clever marketers can present complete campaign results with genuine and positive outcomes!

Because marketing automation shares and collects information simultaneously, leading brands can target leads with behavioral and triggered messaging to drive desired actions in real-time. With complete control and visibility across the buyer’s journey, sales and marketing can work in concert to convert more leads to sales.

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So, why does email marketing automation work so well?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; ‘The statistical results say it all!’ But keep in mind that email marketing only “works” when you’re “working it” right! So, check out some of the latest compiled statistics below:

  • For every $1 you invest in email marketing, there’s the potential to earn a $36 return.
  • Currently, 8 out of 10 surveyed professionals say emails have been the driving force behind customer acquisition and retention.
  • Marketing automation is fast, time-saving, and makes email marketing much smarter, according to 30% of surveyed business professionals.
  • Nearly 80 percent of top-performing businesses say their primary reason for incorporating marketing automation was to increase sales; they understand the earning potential behind it.

In truth, using the right marketing automation tools will help you close deals and improve overall sales.

Revenues increase each time companies learn to combine marketing and sales to leverage consumer data while focusing more on well-nurtured prospects. And over the years, we’ve learned just how email marketing automation works in boosting company sales and meeting customer needs.

This article discusses four top-performing tools that deliver real results and nurture leads to close. Ultimately, these tools help shorten sales cycles and provide focused data for marketers to connect with the right leads every time.

1. Lead scoring provides a means to significantly generate qualified leads.

Marketers often wonder why sales departments complain about receiving so many “unqualified” leads. Perhaps the issue still lies with findings from ten years ago that say only about 27 percent of leads are actually qualified ones? And although deciphering whether prospects will make a purchase remains challenging, various marketing automation features can help score leads. In turn, lead scoring allows sales reps to prioritize those leads and start marketing directly to them.

The process of adding or subtracting points from leads, based on lead responses, is how lead scoring automation works. For example, sales reps can take the automated data from lead scoring to confirm which prospects best fit their ideal customer profile.

2. Another excellent marketing automation tool is lead segmenting.

Once you’ve received pertinent data from lead scoring and considered search behaviors, you can begin the segmenting process. Segmenting potential leads helps enhance your targeting capabilities and pushes leads closer to close.

In fact, more than 2 out of 3 businesses still don’t utilize lead nurturing strategies to move their prospects through the sales cycle. Yet, if they were to nurture their leads by segmenting them and then enhancing targeted messaging, they would maximize impact based on the users unique persona.

3. Remember to personalize your interactions with every lead and platform.

Yes, people still prefer emails that are personable and targeted directly to their needs and interests. So, since billions of people worldwide use emails daily, and automated features allow companies to reach customers faster, personalizations make it even more effective!

Marketing automation sample of email personalizationsPeople open nearly half of the emails a company sends within three hours of being sent. In addition, an Accenture Interactive study found 83 percent of recipients were willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience. Thus, personalization and interactivity are essential to today’s email marketing automation campaigns.

Each time a prospective lead interacts with your business online, they experience your digital brand. So, marketing automation is one of the most innovative ways to meet modern consumer needs and expectations. And with proper execution, automated personalization allows your targeted audience the 1:1 experience they crave while also decreasing the time of manual communication.

Finally, the key to boosting sales here is to ensure personalization across the board and with every customer/lead interaction.

4. Email automation helps you easily nurture sales and improve conversion rates.

It’s true that automated emails still perform 3-times better than other kinds of emails. However, since lead actions trigger these emails, they allow a seamless way to nurture conversation with various prospects to make them into future customers.

For instance, when a prospective lead downloads an eBook, they leave you with their contact information. With that information, you’re able to follow up with them and confirm if they’ve read it. Or, if you notice a person consistently visiting a product or service page, you’re can track that behavior and send new emails tailored to popular customer interests. These examples and more help facilitate the sales process through strategic nurturing.

The more you keep conversations rolling with dynamic emails to potential customers, your sales cycle begins to decrease. Most importantly, your emails should always speak to each recipient’s specific needs and concerns.

Overall, the best “hands-off” way to nurture prospective leads and save time is to serve email segments with relevant and consistent emails.

What could email marketing automation do for your business?

We know every company wants to see the needle move upward regarding a digital marketing ROI. Fortunately, BUILDINGBLOCKS is your trusted partner to ensure just that! We’ll empower you on how to best attract and nurture prospects more effectively. Moreover, we’re her to teach and monitor every marketing automation tool you utilize.

Above all, we ensure that you’ll only receive the tools and strategies that best meet your digital marketing needs. I guess you could say we’re about educating, empowering, and ensuring our clients save on their bottom line. So, connect with us today and tell us how we can be of service! Or call 281-203-0529 for immediate assistance.

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