5 Strategies to Generate New Leads by Year’s End

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’Tis the season again when businesses anticipate year-end marketing results, ROIs, and begin finalizing plans for next year. And with just 64 workdays left in 2022, it can feel like we’re running out of time. Yet, even in this last quarter, there’s still an opportunity to achieve successful lead generation outcomes and go out with a bang! And most of that success can come from incorporating the five critical strategies discussed in this article.

If you’re like most executives and entrepreneurs, you enjoy leveraging opportunities to integrate innovative strategies to your ultimate advantage. So, now’s the time to put your best business marketing initiatives to work and help turn hot leads into happy customers!

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Is there a ‘best time’ to incorporate a lead generation campaign?


The answer to that question is— Yes and No! ‘Yes, in the sense that the best time means you’ve launched a well-thought-out campaign early enough to measure and obtain favorable results over time. And ‘No,’ in the sense that when, which month, or what date doesn’t matter. Why? Because launching in time to get at least 60-90 days of actual lead generation results is what’s most important.

Attracting leads through lead generation strategy

In essence, launching a successful campaign to obtain the desired ROI is all about:

  1. Industry demand
  2. Understanding your particular sales cycle
  3. Precise campaign planning and execution, and above all—

The bottom line? Regardless of when you conduct a campaign, it’s best to initiate customer-centered lead generation strategies. By that, I mean making their experience with your brand easy enough for them to stay engaged and eventually convert. In addition, you must always ensure that each campaign has a focused CTA (call-to-action) that results in each prospect obtaining something valuable in exchange for gaining their contact information.

So, let’s dig into five top lead generation strategies you can incorporate for an excellent year-end campaign!

#1— Emphasize your industry expertise as a means of moving up on SERPs.


Nothing is more satisfying than doing a Google search and getting a plethora of great top-page results. And as a business, you’re confident in offering the perfect product or service solution that ideal customers are searching for and need. Thus, highlighting your industry expertise is a vital strategy to apply to every lead generation campaign you run.

Two Tips for Strategy Success:

Business partners experiencing lead generation success1.  Strategy success1 begins with consistently publishing content marketing that speaks to your industry niche and the value solution customers need and desire. Overall, people eventually convert once they find what they’re looking for and learn they’re engaging with a knowledgeable and resourceful company.

2.  Another aspect of success with this lead generation strategy is remembering that more of today’s buyers opt to do their online research first before deciding. So, becoming a product or service expert in your respective industry means getting people to trust your company for specific solutions. Likewise, keeping them educated with resourceful content helps encourage their decision to purchase, and also enhances your online SEO efforts.

#2— Becoming a trusted resource is another vital strategy for successful lead generation.


Once you’ve learned to highlight and feature your company expertise by providing vital information to leads, pledge to do that consistently. In doing so, you eventually become a trusted resource or “industry leader” in your field.

Since no business is perfect, there are those rare times customers become unhappy with their service experience. However, when you work with them and other potential customers directly to bring about resolve, you reassure them that you care about their experiences with your brand. And in turn, you also enhance opportunities to generate more sales leads and new business.

Overall, the more your business engages with customers and consistently provides industry insights, the more you gain their trust as they value your recommendations.

#3— Get “Social” with your customers and new leads through digital networking.


LinkedIn lead generation through social mediaEngaging and interacting with potential customers is a top priority for generating new leads for your company. Fortunately, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn2, and Facebook continue to play a dominant role in how we conduct and receive business in the 21st century.

Incorporating SMM, or Social Media Marketing, as part of a digital marketing strategy is one of the best lead generation tools, especially for the ‘Smartphone Consumer’ generation. The beauty of using SMM is that companies can offer valuable industry insights, resources, and products or services while also requesting to connect with customers.

At the same time, social platforms also provide opportunities to connect to potential leads more personably, targeting customers by offering the specific solutions that interest them the most. Again, SMM affords innovative ways to connect, offer lead magnets, engage, and nurture new leads through the sales funnel into conversion.

Tip for Strategy Success:

Did you know that LinkedIn currently generates the highest B2B visitor-to-lead conversion rate across all social media platforms? So, allow us to encourage you to stay connected to customers through SMM. By doing so, you continue to nurture them through consistently sharing relevant and valuable content.

The ultimate goal of utilizing SMM is to keep spotlighting your business as a trusted industry resource solution. And when using social media best practices, like calls-to-actions, content bits from email marketing, and blog insights with each post, you soon discover they’re vital to helping drive leads to your website.

#4— Once you start generating quality leads, nurture them by staying in contact.


Part of nurturing leads is keeping in contact with past referrals; remember, they are leads too! However, not every lead we generate through our campaigns will be ready to convert on the spot. So, instead of ignoring them, we must nurture them through the process of conversion.

As I stated earlier, people like to do their research. Therefore, some of your generated leads may need a little more time to decide on a purchase as they’re vetting for the best solution possible. And for this reason, nurturing them through the sales cycle is key to helping them convert.

So, stay in contact to nurture them during special occasions and news events, and by scheduling consistent times to send out “touchpoints.” Touchpoints help keep them dating and engaged with your brand through marketing tactics and strategies like email promotions, social posts, surveys, downloadables, and blog publications.

Nurturing Leads During the Holiday Season

Lead generation nurturing during the HolidaysThe Holidays always present excellent opportunities to run lead generation campaigns. For example, you may ask, ‘How so?’ Well, as people consider spending time with loved ones, sharing gifts, and anticipating ways to improve their lives in the coming New Year, they typically become more inclined to search for product/service solutions.

Therefore, targeting your lead nurturing3 campaigns around providing a viable solution is a great way to connect with potential customers. Ask yourself, ‘How can our brand help customers or business clients accomplish their year-end goals?’ Your answer will put you on the best path toward converting leads.

In the end, you’ll find that focused campaigns offer opportunities and solutions that help customers and clients achieve their goals.

Interesting Year-End Lead Generation Strategy Stats!

#5— Don’t forget to ask customers for referrals and feedback.


One of the best strategies for successful lead generation is asking customers for feedback and referrals. Obtaining these forms of data are crucial to building your business marketing database, credibility, and to building lasting relationships.


Lead generation business referrals and feedback are critical.When companies solicit customer or client feedback, that act sends a direct message to customers that you value their experiences with your brand. Asking also shows that you care about keeping quality service a top priority.

Lastly, feedback helps inspire new business ideas while improving service and product delivery. It ultimately keeps you aware of what they need and value from your company. And in the end, maintaining a happy customer4 base is key to bringing in more leads.


When your customers and clients are happy with their quality service, asking them for referrals becomes easy. In fact, they will make sure to share with others the qualities and reliance they value from your business. So, collecting referrals from existing customers further builds your customer base so you can generate even more quality leads.

Get help with your next lead generation campaign!


Did you know that outsourcing your lead generation efforts trumps handling it in-house? The main reason for this fact is that you already have much to focus on with running your business. Yet, partnering with the right digital marketing firm is the key to delivering quality leads to your website!

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