3 Tips on How to Build Your Marketing Database

Are you curious about how to build a marketing database successfully? This article provides three simple solutions! Jump to each email marketing solution now, or continue reading.

  1. Provide a FREE & VALUABLE giveaway
  2. Put your lead magnets on all digital platforms
  3. Request only basic information from visitors

With the unprecedented rise of online marketing and enterprise, it can be hard to compete with other companies. This case is especially true if you’re operating a small to mid-size business. Fortunately, this article explores ways to help you break through the noise! You’ll learn how to build a marketing database successfully and stay connected to your clients in the best way possible.

Already, today’s world of email marketing and database-building doesn’t look like it did in the last decade.

Last year, COVID-19 took a massive toll on small and large business operations worldwide, halting traditional marketing processes. However, today’s companies are learning to leverage the power of online marketing. In fact, businesses have continued to rely on its effectiveness more than ever through the pandemic because it’s still working!

Fortunately, our simple techniques will support client database growth and give you the digital edge you’ve been looking for. As Bob Dylan so eloquently put it, ‘The Times They Are a-Changin,’ and the sentiment still rings true in 2021. So, company owners must continue to adjust and innovate to grow and build business success in these changing times.

Are you ready to go from lead generation to customer communication and maximize your company’s value to your clients? Then, read on!

Let’s talk about building your marketing database.

If you’re operating a small or mid-sized company, building a marketing database for your customers is critical to survival.

With an expanding customer database, you get more potential interactions, increased sales, and other benefits. The information you obtain from your customers is also valuable for guiding your lead-generating sales and marketing activities. And what’s even better, your clients can benefit directly through nurturing efforts that meet their needs firsthand. Having in-depth knowledge about your target audience allows you to easily design and alter your marketing tactics based on those insights for an improved response.

Below are three practical tips for building your marketing database in 2021:

1. Use Lead Generation Through Lead Magnets

In growing your marketing database, lead generation is by far the best way to achieve the boost you need. It’s the process of acquiring prospects and converting them into people who are interested in your products and services. Therefore, any person that expresses interest in your company’s services and products is considered a lead.

Lead magnets are “freebies” you can offer visitors on your site as a digital incentive in return for their contact information. These are essential components for boosting and building your marketing database.

Providing free information with valuable content means you’re not in it just for the money. Instead, it means you intend to offer solutions to people’s problems or answers to trending questions. Offering relevant information establishes you as a business industry expert who is competent, trustworthy, and credible. These qualities, in turn, help you obtain and retain customers.

Below are a few lead magnet examples you can use to generate leads:

    • Checklists: These are guide resources that assist visitors in ensuring they have what they need to complete a task, meet a need, or solve an issue.
    • eBooks: These are resource books that have been converted into a digital non-editable format. Visitors can easily access and read eBooks on any digital device, including computers and mobile phones.
    • Tutorials: This is any content that teaches someone how to accomplish something specific through formats such as video, blog post, or PDF.

2. Promote Your Magnets

The problem most small business owners face with lead magnets is a lack of promotion for them. That’s why increased exposure is an essential aspect of your incentive strategy.

Put your magnet in front of potential leads on every digital platform, and make it clear that you are giving a solution to a problem they’re experiencing.

Here are some places you can promote your lead magnets:

    • Website: Your website is a given for promoting lead magnets. If you have numerous incentives, you can group them into categories on a resource page. There, visitors can access the freebies that are most convenient for them.
    • Social Media: Your Facebook and Twitter pages are great ways to spread simple, solution-based promotions. You can add links to your bio, create feature posts with incentives, and even run ads to boost awareness.
    • Email Campaigns: You can also promote magnets by announcing them via email. For example, you can send personalized emails, mention the resource in your newsletters, and link to your latest promotion in your email signature. You could even partner with other companies to include a mention in their newsletters.

3. Limit Your Requirements

Last but not least, keep the contact information you require for access to your incentives at a minimum.

Your potential leads want the process to be quick and smooth. Anything that drags out or involves clicking through multiple screens is going to reduce engagement.

The following is the only initial information you’ll need from them:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number (Make Optional)

A final tip to consider when obtaining client information: It’s best to gather the first and last name in separate fields rather than together.  This strategy allows you the opportunity to personalize email marketing correspondence to your new marketing database.

Build a marketing database with email marketing nurture research

Source:  Ascend2, September 2016

Build and Nurture Your Email Marketing Database Now

The value of your customers is one of the most critical determinants of your company’s value. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain continual contact with potential and existing clients to grow your customer base. Why? Because the more value your company can provide them, the more likely they will remain loyal.

Remember, the purpose and intent are to grow and build your marketing database.  Thus, keep the process simple, keep your audience engaged, and yeah, from time to time, ask for some business.

If you own a small to mid-sized operation or have a veteran-owned company, BUILDINGBLOCKS is prepared to help you succeed! Learn more on how to grow your marketing database by calling 281-203-0529 or connecting online.

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