The 411 On Outsourced Marketing Partners: 6 Myths Debunked

Is your team becoming overwhelmed by meeting the continuous demands of marketing in the 21st century? In any case, we understand the challenges; and fortunately, solutions are available. For instance, when you consider an outsourced marketing option with an experienced firm, your team can focus on the business’s core values and tasks. Your marketing department can also forego the distraction and hassles of providing complex marketing strategies to help boost sales and reach.

Outsourcing marketing options today are not what they were ten or more years ago. These days, outsourced partners endeavor to help executives, marketing directors, sales teams, and department heads do more – faster and efficiently. The benefits going directly towards business marketing success include cost-effectiveness, scalability, and comprehensive expertise. Consequently, once marketers start viewing outsourced partners as a fortified extension and true asset to the company, everyone wins!

We’ve debunked six myths concerning outsourced marketing partners.

If you’re like certain companies who still have reservations about adding an outside professional to your marketing team, this article can help.

There are too many myths about outsourced marketing partners to cover. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common myths to help alleviate your concerns.

    1. Marketing partners don’t deliver real results
    2. They won’t be familiar with our business or industry
    3. We won’t have control over our in-house marketing efforts
    4. Outsourcing is expensive!
    5. They’ll take up too much of our time.
    6. Our director could lose their job

Myth #1 – Outsourced marketing partners don’t deliver accurate results.

Never trust people you meet online – have you heard that before? From products to services, you don’t quite know what you’ll get in exchange for your money when you shop online. Why would marketing partners be any different? In truth, you still get what you pay for when it comes to hiring an outsourcing firm. However, there are crucial characteristics businesses must look for to find the firm that will produce results.

Sometimes numbers don’t accurately represent the performance of a marketing campaign. However, your most significant analytic or KPI will be the number of qualified leads generated.

Watch this clip for more insights.


Like most experienced firms, we understand the significance of your investing good money into an outside source and expecting to see remarkable results. Yet, expert marketing partners will always have proven processes and efficient operations in place to help ensure your online marketing success over time. In addition, they remain prepared to help you reach your set goals by:

    • Applying innovative strategy solutions that will work best for your industry
    • Making necessary adjustments, revisions, and updates when and if progress is lagging
    • Measuring and generating progress reports on your campaigns regularly

Bottom-line, the proof is in the numbers.  If they cannot show a reasonable return on your investment prior to engaging in the relationship, they aren’t the marketing firm for you – or better said, “Run Forest, run!”

Myth #2 – They don’t understand our business or industry.

One benefit of using in-house marketers is that your employees already understand your business. Thus, you may be hesitant to hire an outsider because you fear they won’t get your business goals.

However, a marketing partner who doesn’t understand your business reflects more on your business’s communication than the partner’s understanding. If you can’t communicate your company’s goals to a trained marketing partner, how do you expect clients and potential customers to get you within 3 seconds of interacting with your brand?

An outside eye is the best perspective for your company! They will see your business from a different angle and provide insights on how potential customers and clients will see and respond to your offerings.  In addition, strategies and insights gained from various markets and industries often prove very successful.

We know it can be difficult for a company to let go of the traditional “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. Yet, when it comes to doing business, here’s the bottom line: If you want new results, you need new strategies.

Myth #3 – We could lose control over our in-house marketing efforts when we outsource.

The outsource marketing arrowYou will lose a measure of control when you outsource your online marketing into the capable hands of a professional firm. But that’s the point. Outsourcing helps free up your time and energies so you can focus on other aspects of marketing and in-house business operations.

Trust your new partner. If you have any hesitancies, pass them along. They’ve learned to work with companies just like you, and they’re pretty receptive to your concerns, needs, and uncertainties. Fortunately, they also know just how to respond.

Myth #4 – Outsourced Marketing Partners Cost More

Outsourcing content marketing can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month – which may look higher than an employee’s salary at first glance.

Now add in the cost of hiring and training that employee. On average, a new employee costs $4,129 and takes 42 days to hire. However, an outsourced marketing partner can start working with you immediately – no need for training!

You hire a marketing agency for guaranteed results. When you add the higher ROI to the other saved costs of outside agencies, you ultimately SAVE. Oops! No, I mean, you MAKE more money than what you initially invested!

Myth #5 – We Can Save Time by Doing It Ourselves

Along with the idea of saving costs by doing your own digital marketing, this myth comes from thinking of outsourced marketing the same as employees who need supervision. A marketing agency won’t need constant instruction and intervention because experienced firms will have lots of expertise to bring to the table.

They know the best practices for bringing in maximum results with minimum effort and time on your part. With proven processes in place, they’ve learned how to maximize time and serve their clients efficiently.

Myth #6 – Our Marketing Director Will Lose Their Job

A marketing firm won’t replace your marketing director; that’s not their purpose. Outsource marketers may, however, change or enhance the way directors do their job. Instead of handling all the parts of marketing within a company, they’re free to focus on other company goals.

For instance, the marketing director can take on the role of expert liaison, coordinating projects between the outsourcing partner and executives. Their vital role as marketing director, combined with the outsourcer’s supplemental expertise, ultimately enhances the entire company’s all-around marketing efforts.

Create with outsourced marketing partners

You can now explore your outsourcing marketing options with us.

As a trusted partner, when you outsource a portion or all your online marketing efforts to BUILDINGBLOCKS, your director or marketing sales executive becomes the go-to marketing liaison. They coordinate the communications and marketing processes between us and the decision-makers in the business.

Genuine outsourced marketing partners will consistently focus on your business’s best interests. They’ll also help you develop strategic solutions that will work best for your specific industry and service/product offerings. We believe every good partnership starts with an IMPACT marketing plan that establishes the following:

  • What specific business situation is driving the need for a solution? – DISCOVERY
  • What will your business look like once the problem is solved?GOALS
  • What is the best way to get there?STRATEGIES

Another benefit of working with outside firms is finding a partner interested in helping you build business.

Overall, outsourcing to an experienced marketing firm can extend, enhance, and excel your business marketing efforts. Contact BUILDINGBLOCKS to request a meeting or call 281-203-0529 to start discussing how to build your business with us as your online marketing partner.


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