Content Marketing: Common Characteristics to Your Success

There’s a reason why 56% of businesses worldwide spend more on content creation and marketing than other departments. That same reason is also why 80% of marketers plan big budgets for it. Why? Content is still King! And in most marketers’ eyes, it remains highly efficient at connecting audiences while also generating, attracting, and converting qualified leads. However, to create the impact you desire, your content marketing efforts should have, at a minimum, the following five characteristics listed below.

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1. Content marketing should incorporate an innovative strategic approach.

Innovative content strategy always focuses on developing and providing consistent information that is highly valuable and relevant to its audience.  And if your content is answering your audience’s questions, then the strategy you employ will continue generating quality leads. The strategy approach should also consider which types of online platforms and channels to use when you’re pumping out content. The chosen channels should be best for helping you connect with your audience based on their search behaviors and product or service needs.

Overall, you’ll want your content marketing strategy to positively impact your ROI while also keeping your customers well-informed. And the best way to ensure you get a return on your investment is to have a strategic marketing plan of action or IMPACT in place.

2. Great content marketing will also have a clearly targeted audience and specific aim.

Traditional advertising still concentrates most of its’ spend and energy on marketing to reach new and potential customers. However, with content marketing, your business gets to hone in more on capturing a clearly defined audience of existing customers. Companies can utilize strategic, digital content marketing to build more vital B2B and B2C relationships through the exchange of continuous, conversational information.

So, when businesses provide content that connects and matches their target audience’s interests, it keeps customers coming back. In turn, that same content also begins to draw new potential customers in and generate more leads. When you have current clients and potential customers seeking similar product and service information, as well as sharing that content, you’ve successfully targeted your audience.

Here’s what you need to know about Digital Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising.

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3. Make sure your online marketing content drives profitable customer action.

We think Julia McCoy’s research with the Content Marketing Institute says it best –  great content can generate up to 3x more leads and cost over 60% less than your typical outbound marketing spends. Yet, when you get quality leads to visit your website, does the content on the site or landing page encourage them to do something about their service or product interest?

A crucial part of defining a profitable content strategy is aligning it to customer personas and preferred search methods within their buying journey. To simply increase content output can be tempting for some companies. However, when they skip steps in the process, like having content that addresses their problems or including a call-to-action, they can miss out on new business opportunities.

When driving customers into action, your business needs to fully understand customers’ needs and provide content that addresses those needs. Content marketing must also connect with online visitors while including creative tactics that drive them into action. Remember this, customers don’t always ‘buy-at-first-sight,’ and that’s fine. Your aim is to consistently develop and redevelop content marketing that keeps them interested long enough to convert (buy). So, ensure that your intriguing information at least draws people in and keeps them interested in exploring solutions and eventually moving them into action.

4. Does your business consistently distribute relevant online content?

There is always something important to say and share with your target audience when it comes to content marketing. The moment a business becomes “silent” online, speaking the same language as most other digital marketing ads and sales promoters, is the exact moment it loses its unique voice.

Nothing impacts an audience’s decision-making more than consistent and relevant content distribution. That’s why most companies must first establish their unique brand messaging through the voice of their customers. Afterward, they should continue to consistently push out content that constantly piques interest and aligns with the established brand. For best results, they should pump content through the lead generation channels their customers most prefer, like social media platforms, blogs, video marketing, and email marketing automation.

If your content and brand messaging don’t have a unique voice or identity connected to your defined audience, that voice could soon disappear into a market saturated with similar content.  So, make sure you’re consistently putting out fresh and relevant content that is solutions-oriented.  We mean ensuring your content marketing answers questions accurately and provides the insights your online visitors need to know.

5. Lastly, your content marketing should provide educational information instead of promotional sales and advertising jargon.

Traditional marketing relies heavily on big brand promotions and pushes the benefits and trusted quality of a product or service. And this method is acceptable for well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, Disney, Home Depot, or Starbucks. Why? People know they can rely on these brands for top products and services. However, for most other businesses, successful content marketing must also include elements of educational insight.

Educational content marketing conceptToday, people want and need content that answers questions and solves problems or pain points, while also providing much-needed insights that make lives better. Since the Coronavirus pandemic shocked the entire world in 2020, these days, people need reassurance more than anything else. And with the unprecedented volume of questions people asked online, it’s apparent consumers prefer trusted, straightforward, and reliable information. Educational content helps consumers cope and improve their current life circumstances.

So, content that educates and informs online visitors helps position your company as an industry expert and reliable resource. Most importantly, this type of information establishes customer trust and reinforces the bond between consumers and companies.

How would you define your business’ content marketing and SEO efforts?

Overall, some companies are confident they’re on track with generating leads through strategic content marketing and SEO best practices. There are many other businesses, however, that are not so confident. Yet, in both cases, BUILDINGBLOCKS can help further enhance current efforts or develop strategies and tactics for companies in need of a marketing partner.

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There are many more characteristics of successful content marketing you can start applying today to give your marketing strategy a much-needed boost. To learn more or for additional digital marketing assistance, connect with us online, or call us at 281-203-0529.

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