5 Irrefutable Laws for Successful Lead Generation Strategy

If your business is grasping for leads at random, it’s time to call for order in the court! The goal of any organization’s website is to attract visitors and convert them into new leads or sales. In crowded markets, it can be challenging to stand apart from the competition. However, one of the most important keys to your online marketing success is to apply the laws of lead generation. Studies show that 85% of B2B marketers claim that lead generation is their highest marketing goal.

It’s no wonder why. Through careful planning, lead generation can increase your customer base and convert site visits into revenue. A successful lead generation strategy is a vital part of your company’s online marketing efforts. But don’t merely take our word for it; you be the judge and jury!

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Jump to the five laws and key point now!

      1. Understanding lead generation value
      2. Know your audience
      3. Define channels and tools
      4. Include lead gen in your optimization
      5. Incorporate the 4 L’s
      6. Maintain business success

Why Is It So Essential?

Lead generation remains a critical component of any business. It also lays the foundation for developing awareness of your company or brand for interested consumers. As such, successful lead generation requires a calculated approach.


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The type of approach your business takes and how you utilize various strategies will ultimately help determine success. So, don’t find your business in contempt! Below, you’ll learn about the five irrefutable laws of lead gen strategy and to apply them appropriately. In the end, if you obey these five laws, you’ll prosper.

Law #1 – Understand the Value of Lead Generation

To build a sound marketing plan, businesses must first understand what it means to generate leads. The most effective lead generation is the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content that buyers want. Getting found by buyers already learning about and shopping in your space is the ideal scenario. When buyers land on your website, the goal is to attract prospective customers by offering something of value where they’re willing to exchange their contact information to obtain it. Then, you can use those details to persuade them to make future purchases.

Know the Stats When Nurturing Leads!

The beauty of lead generation is that people who are finding your information are already interested in your offerings. This strategy provides the opportunity to nurture those leads, build relationships, and convert them into sales. Nurtured leads can also bring a 20% increase in sales opportunities. Additionally, businesses that nurture leads make 50% more sales.

Know the Best Ways to Collect Leads

The information gathered during the lead generation process can shape your sales and marketing efforts. You’ll understand the ways people prefer to receive your information. For instance, 64% of customers claim that seeing a video makes them more likely to complete a purchase. With the right approach, lead generation is key to building a following and boosting your ROI.

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Law #2 – Study Your Target Audience and Be Good to Your Clients

Lead generation is the first step in making a sale. While quantity is important, leads must also be of high quality. Meaning, there’s a greater chance these prospects will result in a purchase. In fact, you must first understand that about 79% of leads will never convert to sales.

That’s why it’s essential to attract quality leads. The single way to accomplish this is through knowing your customer base. Determine their problems or questions first, and then provide solutions and answers to meet their needs.

Once you know your target audience, you’re able to develop lead generation strategies that will resonate with your consumers. For instance, once you’ve completed your research and applied a great plan, you’ll soon see that you can –

  • Compel your target audience into action
  • Connect with more qualified leads through relevant and creative content marketing
  • Speak the right language of your clients, and –
  • Effectively communicate how your products or services can meet their needs

Law #3 – Define Your Channels and Tools

There are several effective lead generation channels to help you reach a highly targeted audience. The proven channels across most industries remain as follows:

  • Content marketing – providing relevant information on your site that give readers value
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – using carefully selected keywords and phrases buyers are searching to ensure your website ranks high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)
  • Digital ads – advertisements viewers see online; could be organic or pay-per-click
  • Marketing automation – a platform that allows businesses to distribute relevant and valuable content based upon a buyer’s behavior on your website or interactions with emails or other rich media
  • Social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook offer Lead Generation Ads that allow businesses to collect targeted leads in social spaces

Regardless of which channel you decide to use, make sure it’s appropriate for your target audience. If your market is a younger demographic, social media might be the way to go. Digital ads are clearly effective, as PPC ad purchases have brought Google a 16% jump in advertising revenue over last year’s numbers. Do your research, keep a target audience in mind, and choose the channels and tools that are right for you.

Law #4 – Incorporate Lead Generation into Website Optimization

Your website can be a highly useful tool for generating quality leads. By optimizing your site, you can increase your chance of success. Here’s how:

  1. Offer visitors several opportunities to provide their information.
  2. Consider including a clear call-to-action button on each page of your site.
  3. And always remember to provide your contact information, including a phone number and a live chat feature.

frame-lead-generation-web-optimization-scrambleMake sure your site’s content is fully optimized for SEO. Provide relevant information that prospects will find useful. Alleviate fears, answer questions, and offer solutions. Create a user experience that is positive, intuitive, and painless. Your site can achieve this with easy form-fills that help visitors leave information quickly and efficiently.

Explore the possibility of including other intriguing and compelling lead generation tools on your site. Website optimization is one of the easiest ways to generate leads for your business successfully.

Law #5 – Apply the 4 L’s of Lead Generation

The goal of lead generation is to obtain a consumer, captivate that person, convert them into a customer, and achieve success. This layered process, known as the 4 L’s of Lead Generation, involves:

  • Lead Capture – develop an attractive landing page that provides valuable information
  • Lead Magnets – reward people who leave their contact information in exchange for something of significant value to them
  • Landing Pages – these are the site pages people are directed to through online ads or search engine links
  • Lead Scoring – the use of automation tools and metrics to categorize and rank the lead generation information you’ve collected

This four-tiered approach takes a concerted effort but yields impactful results. By applying the 4 L’s of lead generation, businesses are sure to increase their audience and see success in sales.

Lead Generation Checklist | FREE Download

Partnering for Your Business Success

Developing a lead generation strategy can be overwhelming. At BUILDINGBLOCKS Marketing Solutions, we’re here to help businesses like yours reach your digital marketing campaign goals. We’re also passionate about helping you consistently generate high-quality leads.

Let us assess your current efforts and work with you to develop a successful strategy. Start your journey toward getting qualified leads with us. We make marketing simple, so take the first step and tell us about your needs so we can talk more.

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