Know Your Top of Funnel VS Bottom of Funnel SEO Keywords

Did you know there’s a difference between your top of funnel (TOF) and bottom of funnel (BOF) industry SEO keywords? If not, there’s no need for alarm because most business owners aren’t naturally aware of this marketing strategy anyway. In fact, they have every right to be unaware because they have more important things to do – like running their businesses. Yet, this strategy is one of those things that has always been “hidden in plain sight” and often ignored.

Learn the Difference Between Top of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel SEO Keywords

When you consult with BUILDINGBLOCKS, you’ll learn the necessity of utilizing both TOF and BOF keywords in your marketing efforts. You’ll also learn that keywords and how potential customers search online for products and services have nothing to do with you or your business. In fact, it’s best to think of keyword searches, be it top or bottom of funnel words, as part of the buyer’s journey towards a solution. Therefore, we help incorporate your SEO keywords into relevant content so that your business becomes a part of their search narrative.

Top of funnel (TOF)

Your TOF keywords and search phrases represent general interests and surface-level online research. TOFs also mark the first phase of the sales cycle and the initial journey that prospects take when searching for products and/or services.

They capture potential leads that are in the research stage for finding a solution to their problems. For example, top of funnel phrases can include keywords like, “gluten-free diet”, which is a broad topic but begins a specific search.

Bottom of funnel (BOF)

On the other hand, BOF keywords represent each buyer’s intent to purchase specific products and services relevant to certain brands. These visitors are searching for particular products and services because they’re ready to make a decision. Bottom funnel SEO keywords and phrases also mean that you’ve driven consumers to your website and that they have reached the end of the sales cycle.

In fact, they’ve already completed their research and found viable solutions that meet their needs. Thus, bottom of funnel keywords pertaining to gluten-free foods would be phrases like – “gluten-free bakery near me”.

TOF and BOF Keyword Insights

So, what’s the key to this strategy? This approach is all about getting buyers to enter your sales funnel and follow through to a purchase or sale. You must learn to use both types of keywords to help navigate prospects to your site and eventually reach your sales goal.

The first step of the sales cycle is why TOF keywords are so important. They open the door to moving prospects down the funnel. When setting up an inbound marketing campaign to bring awareness to your product/service, you’ll want to target keywords that signify specific search patterns for information. For each business industry, TOFs inform prospects that your company knows their problem and your brand can solve it.

Sample Keyword Strategy

Let’s say someone is beginning the hunt for a new pair of running shoes as a scenario. So, the TOF keywords they might search for could be:

    • heel pain when running
    • shoes to get rid of foot pain
    • cushion running shoes
    • running shoes plantar fasciitis

By the time a buyer reaches the bottom of the sales funnel; however, they will have moved on to BOF keyword searches. These particular keywords will signify they are almost ready to make a purchase. During this phase, prospects should also be at the point of comparing different brands, checking customer reviews, and looking for the best prices.

As such, bottom-funnel SEO keywords often include terms like:

    • where to buy
    • running shoes near me
    • coupon
    • best price
    • ratings

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