Can Blogs Help Support SEO Strategy & Business Growth?

Absolutely! Blogging is a de facto lead generation SEO tool for the following:

Business owners frequently ask if blogs are still necessary for growth and sustainability.

We say, consider the math! With nearly 4 billion folks connecting online searching for products, services, and information worldwide, blogs certainly remain essential for business growth. But in truth, internet searches per day have substantially increased since the pandemic, which makes now an even better time to start implementing blog information as part of a lead generation SEO strategy.

Blogs and email marketing remain the best ways to drive traffic and quality leads to your website while promoting products, service solutions, and resource information. However, blogs also help companies build trust with their target audience and potential customers. We’ll go into further details about these aspects below, so enjoy the read!

Marketing trends change, but the need for blog content does not. Instead, it remains a fundamental lead generation/SEO tool that businesses should utilize.

As marketers, we aim to stay at the helm of marketing trends and industry shifts in an ever-changing landscape. And because of consistent change, content marketing and blogs have become an even more essential ingredient in digital marketing success. For instance, because well-written blogs can naturally be informative, they usually keep audiences captivated and connect with them at a higher level. This ‘content luring’ happens especially when the information is relevant, provides real solutions, and meets the search needs of customers on their buying journey.

Regardless of your industry or market status, blogs remain a crucial element to being found online and gaining or maintaining sustainable growth. Our article highlights FIVE top benefits of having blogs and why your business needs to keep creating them on your website.

1.     Blogs support lead generation SEO strategies to help customers find your products, services, and industry information online.

If you genuinely want to help drive traffic and quality leads to your website, start posting blogs! However, it would help to consider the different ways and reasons people come to a site. It all begins with a search query which can include people typing:

  • Keywords or phrases
  • Product names
  • Service needs
  • Questions with relevant keywords
  • Names or locations of businesses (only when customers already know companies by name)

On the other hand, you could also pay for ads online to help attract customers, but this can be expensive. Overall, the most organic way to drive leads and help people find your products and services is to blog and optimize your website for search engines.

How SEO blogs specifically help people find you online.

What makes blogging so effective is that it supports SEO for your web pages and content updates. Blogs help lead customers to essential pages on your site. So, suppose you optimize your blogs each time you post new content and update the content on the pages customers visit regularly. In that case, you’re also improving your overall site optimization for search engines.

Blogs consistently add more indexed pages to your site and improve the chances of various pages appearing on a (SERP) search engine results page. In turn, this helps generate leads and attract more customers to your business.

SEO Lead Generation Checklist

2.     Blogging gives Google a reason to crawl your website and perhaps up your page position in search results.

Blogs can mysteriously work as a cue for search engines, like Google, to crawl your active website, mainly because you’re consistently putting out new content. And with the help of SEO strategy, page mechanics like sub-headers, titles, keywords, and meta descriptions, your blogs turn into powerful content resources for increasing visibility in search results.

Moreover, each new blog you post becomes another indexed content page on your website for Google to crawl, re-crawl, and keyword match to online search queries. The more Google comes to your site for fresh content, the more you begin to build domain authority, which can help enhance your site’s search engine visibility.

Let’s talk ‘Backlinks’ and what Google thinks of them.

Were you still wondering about your site ranking on a Google search engine results page? Well, backlinks and inbound links are among the 200 factors Google algorithms consider when ranking a site on its SERP. However, some still believe that backlinks in blogs are another critical force in SEO. But the essence of winning with backlinks is to incorporate them into blogs that add value to your audience and come from companies that customers already perceive as industry leaders.

When you include links from authoritative websites, they function in a way that’s like adding another vote of confidence from another site. In turn, they signal to Google that your business is trustworthy and you’re an industry expert in your market.

3.     Implementing blogs can also mean converting visitor traffic into potential leads.

Leads SEO strategy through blogs National Pet MonthAs traffic begins to build because people are visiting your site due to new site pages, that fresh and relevant blog content has the potential to convert visitors into new leads.

Because each blog you post becomes a new indexed page, every post also brings opportunities to generate new leads. This fact is especially true when you put a lead-generating CTA in each blog you write. Because your calls-to-action (CTAs) create ways for willing visitors to access vital information, they’re usually okay with exchanging their information. And there you have it – a newly generated lead for you to continue building your marketing database!

So, CTAs in blog posts are the sure-fire way to generate new leads, but blogs help optimize your website and turn it into a lead-generating tool!

4.  Lead generation blogs keep fresh content on your website that is also relevant and engaging for prospective customers.

Blogs create an effective way for businesses to promote their products and services or share industry insights online. Even in a highly competitive climate, a well-written article that is also optimized can help give you a competitive edge. So, each time you highlight your company website pages through blogs, videos, and podcasts where necessary, you increase your audience’s engagement with your site.

Another fantastic thing about blogs is that you can use them to create awesome social media campaigns. SM posts help reiterate freshly published content while reinforcing that content to increase traffic to your site. In addition, the various SM platforms provide opportunities for people to share, re-post, and engage with your content for exponential exposure and growth. So, as you’re business blogging, also be sure to include posting on the top social media platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

In the end, you strengthen your social reach with blog content while also driving new visitors to your website.

5.  The finest SEO blogs answer people’s common questions while simultaneously providing the resourceful industry information they need.

Lead generation SEO Google searchWhen constantly producing relevant content through well-written blog articles, you provide valuable information for your target audience. In turn, that consistency begins to establish your business as an industry leader. Phenomenal impact comes with posting educational and insightful resource information that answers your audience’s search queries1 and meets needs.

Simply put, blogs ultimately help you “Establish Authority” in your industry. For example, when visitors repeatedly find answers to the questions they’ve asked from your blog articles, their chance of entering your sales funnel becomes highly likely. And this likelihood is because you’ve established a level of authority and trust with them through blog content or web page information that has helped them at least one other time.

Once you’ve established a solid reputation for your company and have built trust with your audience through lead generation blogs, you’ll eventually become an industry thought leader. Then, through your investments in blog content marketing and lead generation SEO strategy, you could attain a measurable ROI.

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  1. Google search query photo concept by Benjamin Dada.

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