This Year’s Small Business Marketing Trends

Discover which digital marketing trends you need to build your business.

Despite the constant innovations and influxes of change in this current ‘Age of Digital Marketing,’ small businesses can continue to thrive rather than get left behind. And because small business remains vital, it still holds a critical role in America’s economy.

Small business owner in her officeFor example, we recently found the following super statistics below for you to powwow over in celebration.

  • Small businesses create 60-80% of all new jobs.
  • Over 90% of people still believe small businesses are vital to the U.S. economy.
  • And for every $100 we spend with small shops and local business owners1, nearly $70 gets returned to the economic health of that community!

We’re discussing FIVE current digital marketing trends for small businesses!

This article can help you consider today’s trends, insights, and innovative solutions to incorporate into your small to mid-sized business growth strategy this year. So, discover which trends you need to succeed!

Small Business Trend #1— Keep providing data-driven content marketing.

The old saying, ‘All marketing content is not created equal,’ still holds today. For example, most people prefer viewing content through video over reading— 72% of consumers, to be exact! Yet, relevant and engaging content that makes immediate connections with your targeted audience remains the winning combo for exceptional content marketing.


In addition, when businesses conduct studies to discover which content data is most read/clicked and for how long, they gain valuable insights into their customers’ needs. And in turn, they can begin the trend of providing resourceful and relevant content that clients and customers most appreciate.

Today’s small business owners cannot rely on speculation when choosing a type and medium of content to provide for their audience. Instead, through measurable data, they can better understand their clients’ needs and the best methods to reach them through engaging content.

 #2— Form strategic partnerships with similar and/or related industries.


Strategic business marketing partnerships matterIf one small business makes peanut butter, for example, and another makes jellies and jams, why not form a partnership? Although that scenario was from over 60 years ago, the simple concept and current trend of forming strategic alliances still holds true. Two are always better than one, and as a business owner, you’re likely six degrees from a potential partner or friend who can change your company’s trajectory.

However, if you need to know the other five people between you and that potential partner, joining a business network2 becomes vital to overall growth and sustainability. Since the pandemic, we’ve experienced a host of small and large corporations changing how they conduct business.

Moreover, we’ve seen an influx of partnerships develop over the last few years due to COVID. This influx has now shifted into a long-term trend. And since proving to be an effective one, where we’re likely to see even more formed alliances, it may also be one you should consider for potential growth and expanded customer reach.

Small Business Marketing Trend #3— Use social media to create a culture community for your target audience.


Social Media Trends Are Very Much Alive

metaverse-small-business-trendWe all know the metaverse3 is here, and it’s already transforming how we communicate and conduct business worldwide. And it’s no wonder this and other advanced social media platforms have become essential to business growth and consumer reach.

Similar to providing relevant and resourceful content, social media helps you stay connected to your target audience, understand them, and consistently provide product and service excellence with each encounter.

The Power of Community Can Fuel Company Growth

In addition, your small business can connect customers under a shared vision by creating an online community through social media. Of course, you’ll want to develop the community on the social platform they utilize most when accessing your products or services. Online communities are here to stay, providing a powerful venue for connecting people, products, services, and experiences.

This online social trend also works well within the business culture, connecting staff and people who work with your company. For instance, when people gain a sense of community and become part of a larger collaborative effort, they tend to be more productive. Likewise, customers who are part of your social business community tend to:

    1. Have higher conversion rates
    2. Purchase more products/services
    3. Share resources and information about your business with family and friends
    4. Increase social interactivity with other consumers
    5. Stay loyal to your brand

So, if your customers long for community, provide the platform for them!

#4— Consider Influencer Marketing

influencer-digital-marketing-podcastAlthough this small business trend is quite powerful and effective with digital marketing, I say “consider it,” as it may not be suitable for every industry. However, niche influencers with smaller yet highly-engaged audiences can be the better marketing-dollar-investment option for some small businesses. And obtaining an influencer may be easier than you think, especially if you’re not aiming for an A-list celebrity to endorse your company.

Today’s audiences and modern consumers trust societal influencers and podcasters4 for product and service recommendations. So, when business owners need to link with engaged audiences and leads that want their products or services, using influencers can be a remarkable conversion strategy.

However, choosing an influencer conducive to reaching and connecting with your targeted audience is crucial to this trend’s success. Marketing influencers need to have the right:

  • Messaging
  • Capacity
  • Following and
  • Personality

Small Business Digital Marketing Trend #5—  Build your business brand!


business-marketing-brand-buildingWe’ve discussed brand building in the last three blog publications, and we cannot stress its importance enough! When building a leading brand, you must:

  1. KNOW and understand the various factors and elements pertaining to the fundamentals of your business.
  2. GO and start developing your digital brand strategy and marketing plan.
  3. GROW and maintain your digital brand.

Here’s the bottom line, you cannot have a business without a brand or means by which consumers can identify your company compared to the competition. And each time a client, customer, or potential lead interacts with your business, they experience your brand. So, will their experience be a positive or negative one? That is the question you’ll want to ensure always has a positive answer.

The best and most effective way to build your brand is to provide positive customer experiences at every touchpoint. People will always identify with a brand based on their experiences with products, services, and company staff interactions. And when your business brand aligns with your personal beliefs and motto, if consumers can identify with those same beliefs and values, you increase the likelihood of establishing customer loyalty. So, ensure your brand communications and services remain consistent with the company’s core values expressed throughout the organization.

Are you ready to start thinking progressively about digital marketing to stay relevant and competitive this year?


business-marketing-relevant-contentAs you begin incorporating these new marketing trends5 into an innovative strategy plan, know that we’re here to help ensure your success!

We want to see your business thrive this year. So, if you’re looking for a full-scale outsourced marketing department or a marketing partner to help supplement some of your online business needs, call 281-203-0529. You can also connect with us online to schedule a meeting.



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  4. Influencer Marketing- Podcast image concept by ConvertKit.
  5. Engaging small business marketing trends. Image concept by DISRUPTIVO.

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