Is Video Marketing the New Focus for Businesses?

The answer to today’s blog title question is – absolutely! Since the pandemic has forced people to stay in and work from home, video ads, live streams, and virtual events have become an indelible part of our lives. The research statistics we found on video marketing over the past three years speak for themselves. For instance, 70% of consumers say they share brand videos with their friends and family regularly. And an alarming 52% of online visitors claim that watching product videos makes them more confident in their purchasing decision.

With stats like those above, it’s no wonder why more businesses have begun focusing on creating video marketing strategies to reach consumers better. Today’s video technology enables companies to reach their audiences on a more personal and customized level. Are you ready to learn why online video is the new focus for businesses? If so, keep reading and discover the five most prominent things you need to know.

Video marketing is second only to “being there” live.

Most companies now understand that video marketing offers a deeper level of connection with their customers and clients. In fact, videos provide the closest way for businesses to be there for their customers outside of face-to-face contact. Since the pandemic, our world has had to find new ways to connect, socialize, and continue exchanging viable information. Consequently, online video marketing trends fulfill those necessities in various ways while also providing the desired level of personal service.

Most importantly, businesses must choose platforms that best help them establish an identifiable brand presence online. Their first step, however, should include video marketing that answers questions, addresses solutions to pain points, and offers accessible information based on customer needs.

This article dives deeper into the realities of video marketing and how this trend heavily impacts how companies must now conduct business. To put it plainly, we believe video marketing is the new focus for digital online marketing success, and it’s here to stay!

Video marketing also offers a broad range of platforms that businesses can leverage to reach customers.

Video marketing through Facebook Live- Sticker MuleWhile YouTube is a powerhouse for video marketing, it’s far from the only platform companies can utilize for their marketing strategy. Today, we have access to high-traffic social media channels like Facebook Live1, Instagram Stories, and LinkedIn. Marketers leverage video production to develop creative content marketing ads, virtual events, webinars, vlogs, and live streams through these platforms.

Furthermore, each venue provides unique video technology that helps businesses improve their capacity for generating quality leads. They also help companies stay connected to current customers. In a recent Wyzowl study, over 70% of businesses reported that video marketing helped increase their conversion rates.

Incorporating videos into a responsive website is an innovative marketing strategy poised to promote business growth and sustainability.

Did you think we wouldn’t mention website videos?  Think again! Business websites that include videos, for example, are 50 times more likely to increase organic search results. This increase is because videos are incredibly compelling, and Google likes pushing content pages that include them. The beauty of using videos also means you can update your site page content, publish it online, and substantially increase search results. So regardless, there’s no running from website video marketing in 2021.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, today’s company homepages are no longer static and for a good reason. Why? Because website visitors will literally abandon a homepage within seconds if –

  • The page is confusing
  • Your website fails to capture their attention or pique their interests
  • It doesn’t offer the type of information or solutions they seek

So, what does video marketing really mean for your business?

Fortunately, companies that strategically integrate video marketing access on their sites continue to prove invaluable. Videos offer a significant advantage and the strategic tools needed for generating leads to your website, then helping visitors stay online to find what they need while also moving them through the sales funnel. Therefore, your business can’t go wrong with online clips that immediately greet, connect, and direct visitors to their desired products, services, and information. Click below to see what Jason has to say about who’s visiting your website and why!

Bottom line: website video marketing ensures your target audience remains focused on your value proposition. It also generates the right leads to your site while encouraging people to respond to intriguing calls to action, further helping you convey the connective brand messages that get results. These facts are essential to video marketing success because viewers will never forget information when they can actively engage in it.

If your business is going to include video marketing, be sure to provide responsive mobile device access.

These days, mobile devices continue to provide customers with the quickest access to online marketing through video. So, businesses must consider updating their marketing efforts away from the fast-fading days of people reading sales pages or long emails. Instead, they should consider utilizing more interactive marketing through online videos. With video marketing, your business can present the same content but on a platform that works responsively, regardless of the device customers use.

Keep in mind that email marketing and automation are still highly effective strategies that companies can use to reach various customers. However, no business should ignore the fact that 80% of people use their smartphones to access apps and company websites. And with such high percentages of people accessing online information via smartphone videos, businesses can clearly grasp its massive reach. Therefore, making proper adjustments to develop responsive websites, set up social media platforms, and incorporate mobile access for online videos are the next crucial steps businesses must take to stay relevant to customer needs.

Mobile access stat for video marketing by AdobeSource: Video Marketing Statistics for Small Business in 2021

Virtual events, webinars, and live streams have also been etched in stone as a part of online video marketing.

Although they began out of need well before COVID-19, virtual events have crystallized and are also here to stay. Since the pandemic, many companies have discovered a host of benefits from hosting webinars, live streams, and virtual events. In fact, today’s virtual seminars, workshops, and conferences now offer the following perks:

  1. An increased ROI due to expanded participation
  2. Maintenance of safety protocol and procedures, as well as compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  3. Increased accessibility for participants
  4. A broader and sometimes global audience reach
  5. Less overhead costs
  6. Real-time interactions and increased communications/responses
  7. Full event access to every speaker, activity, and experience for participants

Consider partnering with professionals who are ready to drive your business towards online marketing success.

If your company has been seeking information on how to implement, revamp, or improve your digital marketing efforts, it’s time to connect with us. We’re ready to share insights on video production and many other marketing services to obtain the success you desire.

Contact us today online to share your needs and interests, or call us directly at 281-203-0529. At BUILDLINGBLOCKS, our goal is to provide a customized online marketing strategy that helps companies improve their customer service efforts while also realizing their ROI goals.

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