Second Step: GO Build Your Digital Brand!

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Step 2 is about building a planned strategy that’s right for your business.


As we always say, ‘When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Therefore, developing an innovative IMPACT plan strategy for conducting your marketing campaigns becomes paramount to digital brand success. Of course, you’ll want to initially develop that strategy and content around the brand. In doing so, each subsequent campaign further reiterates and supports brand building.

Our comprehensive three-step process to building a leading digital brand consists of taking the key actions of KNOW, GO, and GROW. However, in this article, we’ll bring closer attention to the second step of building your digital brand.

So, let’s discuss in detail the ‘GO’ actions your company must complete that will eventually lead to positive customer experiences and brand recognition! Freely jump to the topics below or continue reading.

  1. Step 2 Overview
  2. Brand Guide Building
  3. Develop an IMPACT
  4. Ready, Set, Launch!
  5. Employ Meaningful Touchpoints
  6. Step 2 Brand Help is Available

STEP 2: GO! This digital brand step is where you start working, developing, and executing your digital marketing strategy plan.


Digital brand as an element of online marketingAfter you’ve come to KNOW, understand, and establish the foundation for building your digital brand in STEP 1, it’s time to do the work. Your ‘GO’ step is crucial to whether your brand will blow up or blow out! Yet, once you’ve developed the right strategic plan and have put the work in, you’re bound to yield tangible results!

Therefore, STEP 2 includes four “GO Actions” to complete as part of building a leading digital brand. And they are as follows.

1. First, build your brand guide and corporate service policy.

After establishing your brand identity from STEP 1, you should be ready to build your corporate brand guide. This action also applies to business owners who have refreshed their existing brands. From your developed logo, established colors, and brand voice, you can begin to create the guidelines and service policies by which everyone in your company should operate.

For example, the brand guide document will provide insights into your brand mark policy and logo usage guidelines. It also offers specific details and guided instructions on font type, sizes, and corporate colors during the creative development process.

In addition, the corporate service policy is a document that articulates your brand’s vision, details of how people within your organization should conduct themselves, and customer service rules. Lastly, you should develop your service policy based on your business brand identity, company values/principles, and service motto.

Corporate Service Policies Should Include the Following:

  • Your company’s ‘WHY’
  • Corporate values
  • A resolution for providing service excellence and quality assurance
  • Brand guidance for staff and employees [How to speak the same organizational language and conduct themselves on one accord.]
  • Rules of customer service engagement [Enabling and promoting positive experiences with your brand]

2. Second, develop your business digital marketing plan with IMPACT!

In truth, developing “the plan” is essentially the first and most important action within the GO process. Your IMPACT marketing plan is the catalyst for your business obtaining a substantial ROI. BUILDINGBLOCKS’ digital marketing plan consists of the essential elements pictured below.

ROI Based Marketing Plan
A Website That Works
Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
ROI Based Marketing Plan
A Website That Works
Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization



Every successful digital brand strategy must also begin with an innovative marketing plan, and we stand firmly on this notion. Your Internet Marketing Plan of Action (IMPACT) is what sets the overall tone and direction in the following areas:

  1. How customers will experience your brand each time they interact with your business
  2. Guidelines to which you will execute your digital brand— customer service, publications, and print media
  3. How you’ll consistently conduct your digital marketing campaigns
  4. Ensuring your website presence communicates your company brand
  5. How well your business expresses its brand to targeted audiences through resourceful content marketing

3. Third, launch your campaigns and execute strategic plans.

Here’s where you turn the campaigns on and watch them work for you! However, you must have proper measuring parameters in place to monitor progress accurately. You’ll also need to set and measure those goals to know how successful each campaign will be.

In other words, you won’t understand which strategies worked well with your customers in promoting your brand. Lastly, measuring progress once you launch your campaigns helps you make necessary adjustments along the way.

For example, email marketing campaigns provide a phenomenal strategy for the following—

  • Consistently communicating with potential leads and customers
  • Keeping your brand in front of a targeted audience.

4. Fourth, maintain consistent, purposeful connections with your customers and targeted audience.

Customer having a positive digital brand experienceAgain, the best way to discover if your brand is working with customers is to target those who share your company values and principles1 consistently.

As a marketing agency, we encourage our clients to make frequent “touchpoints” with their customers and targeted audiences. Thus, we recommend employing multiple digital marketing platforms like social media, email marketing automation, and blogs… definitely blogs.

The principle purpose of touchpoints is to promote your set ‘Rules of Customer Engagement’ so your brand stays before the right people. And the consistent and positive brand experiences that customers have with your business will always promote conversions.

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Building your digital brand is a specialized and constant process that requires a lot of strategic effort.


Thus, you should place your business brand in a mindset similar to your reputation. ‘How do others perceive my business after an experience or encounter?’ ‘Do customer interactions and behaviors align with our conveyed brand messaging?’

Although business brand development can take time to build, it only takes an instant for them to collapse. So, getting the right kind of digital marketing partnership is crucial to brand-building success.

Let us know if you’re looking to establish your digital brand or are considering refreshing and further defining what you have! Connect today online, or give us a call at 281-203-0529.



  1. Customer connecting to a digital brand. Photo concept by Bruce Mars.


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