Online Marketing in the New Age of Coronavirus

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Digital marketing is already a popular strategy that many businesses utilize. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues spreading worldwide, however, companies can no longer function under normal “business as usual” circumstances. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean companies cannot conduct business at all. Instead, our new “normal” must now include finding creative ways to leverage the brilliant tool of online marketing even more.

Our World is Quickly Experiencing a Dependence for Online Marketing at an Unprecedented Rate

Since COVID-19 made its way into the US several short weeks ago, we quickly realized our business and professional lives would have to change. Just how much did we have to adjust? We didn’t know initially; however, today, we’re quite aware of the significant disruptions this virus has caused. For instance, most companies now have to embrace the idea of strategic online marketing as a necessity rather than an option to continue building brand awareness and feeding their sales funnel. Yet, there is excellent news! Online marketing offers a compelling opportunity for businesses to have flexibility. It’s a tool that helps companies make meaningful connections with people in various ways during a time when we’re all essentially locked down.

As you adjust personally and professionally to our new reality, this article helps you explore simple online marketing strategy options amid limited face-to-face interactions with others.

5 Ways to Use Online Marketing Services in the Age of Coronavirus

Although you may already have a digital marketing strategy, there are ways to enhance it and reach a wider audience during this pandemic.  We’ve discovered five resourceful ways to help companies accomplish this goal.

1. Conduct Impactful Business Networking Online in Support of Social Distancing

Just a few weeks ago, our business networking opportunities included marketing seminars and live events. With the spread of COVID-19, however, we must approach networking on a virtual level to promote healthier and safer alternatives. Online networking provides the perfect solution over face-to-face gatherings as you and everyone involved can continue to practice social distancing and stay well.

Social media platforms also present the perfect venue for healthy business networking. Use sites like LinkedIn and Alignable to build a system of small business owners that can spread the word about your brand. In doing so, you also decrease the risk of spreading and/or contracting the “novel” coronavirus within your community.

On the other hand, there may be some who have to travel because their company is an essential business industry for public service. In cases where you cannot avoid traveling, the WHO offers safety tips amid the coronavirus outbreak. Freely click the free download below.

Source: WHO | COVID-19 Advice for the Public

2. Leverage the Power of Digital Display Advertising

Print mail has been on its way out for a while as marketing trends shift focus from generation to generation. Thus, digital display ads are becoming even more critical now that people need to avoid contact with the outside world. The notion of people sheltering in place, along with local and federal officials ordering such measures, further confirms the shift to digital ads as various organizations shut down temporarily.

Ultimately, utilizing display ads helps build awareness of business brands and products. Online ads also provide an effective alternative to print mail as businesses continue to function remotely. The Google Ad Network, for example, reaches 90% of the world’s web users. You won’t see rates that high with print mail.

3. Develop Creative Videos and Electronic Newsletters

Since people now have to spend more time inside and near their homes, this means they’re likely spending more time online. So, while we’re all waiting for more news about the coronavirus spread in our area, why not allow your business to step up its online marketing game? Creating innovative online videos and resourceful newsletters offer another alternative to print media, while also helping you reach more people.

These days, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach wider audiences. According to an article from Bitable, 78% of internet users watch videos every week, while 55% view videos every day.

4. Conduct Engaging Online Marketing Webinars and Meetings

Rather than forgoing an in-person seminar or weekly meeting due to the recent course of events, consider ways to host or facilitate events online. Virtual conferences and webinars are commonplace for businesses that operate globally. At the same time, they work just as well on a national and local scale for smaller companies marketing their goods and services.

Over 75% of webinars have 50 attendees or fewer, and 67% of online registrations are for one-hour webinars. These statistics are key facts to keep in mind when creating an engaging virtual event in addition to building your marketing database.

5. Learn to BUILD and Enhance Existing Business Relationships

Always remember that your existing business clients and customers may benefit from other services or solutions you provide. We’re talking about services that may help them improve profitability during these challenging times. This pandemic has caused major disruptions in the way we all typically conduct business. However, if you can provide more useful solutions and strategies to existing customers, everyone has the opportunity to advance.

On the other hand, establishing new relationships right now can present additional challenges because many businesses have closed. Additionally, other companies have had to reduce their operating hours and staff. As such, it may be harder for you to establish new opportunities with them since their focus is on “survival” right now. Yet, with existing clients, this may be an opportunity to showcase your commitment to innovation, adaptation, and providing solutions that help them grow and get through this pandemic.

Lastly, referral marketing is also a particularly valuable tool. Over 90% of people trust referrals from their friends and family as they’re four times more likely to purchase when referred.

What Happens to the Marketing Industry After the Coronavirus?

Most business marketers already know how quickly protocol can change within the online marketing industry. Therefore, we’ve all learned how to change with the times and seasons. As the world now moves into this new phase of economic uncertainty, it’s crucial that we learn to adapt quickly. We must also learn how to make the necessary adjustments and keep moving forward. Can business transition be challenging? Absolutely! However, when great minds with the same goals come into collaboration, we manage to get through these difficulties together.

It’s been over a century since the world has seen a pandemic on this scale. And although life is hugely different now than it was in 1918, the experience of “first time” remains the same. The coronavirus pandemic is the first time the generations of this present world have faced such an event, and we’re all still learning how to contend with it. Yet, as long as we focus on alternative ways to stay connected during this time, we’ll overcome this challenge and prevail.

Freely explore more resource information from the CDC about the novel coronavirus disease known as COVID-19. Stay informed on how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others as we work to flatten the curve. Here at BUIDINGBLOCKS, we pray that you remain strong, stay safe, and above all, stay healthy! Remember, we’re also here to meet with you about your current online marketing needs. Connect with us today.

Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – March 2020

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