Third Step: GROW Your Digital Brand

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If you’ve been on this journey with us discussing how businesses can build a leading digital brand, congratulations! You’ve made it to the third and final step— GROW. As we’ve discussed in detail:

  • Step 1 is to “KNOW” or define your brand while determining its guidelines and understanding its purpose.
  • And in Step 2, you are to “GO” or begin establishing a strategic plan and the digital marketing tools required to present your brand before the public.

This article covers the following points; freely jump to what interests you most!

You’re at STEP 3—  GROW! Here is where you should start experiencing business growth as part of our 3-step comprehensive process for building a leading digital brand.


As I’ve mentioned in the previous articles, the most vital practices every business must incorporate to build a solid digital brand are to build trust and consistently make relevant connections with targeted audiences. And now that we’ve reached the third step in the brand-building process, it’s time to learn about the four criteria for GROWING your digital brand!

Once you’ve established the foundational conditions surrounding your digital brand and have launched your strategic plan, you’re ready to operate in maintenance mode. The key to brand building and exceptional business growth is CONSISTENCY. So, for example, you’ll want consistency with brand messaging, customer service interactions, organizational comradery, and measuring campaign success.

In essence, the growing phase is not a time to sit back and let the chips fall; there is constant work you must do to build a leading brand and maintain it. And those who apply the following four criteria in Step 3 are bound to experience various levels of business growth!

Marketing self-assessment

1.    GROW by maintaining customer service excellence and delivering quality assurance.

Here’s the bottom line, consistent service excellence across each customer’s experience is what breeds trust. And trust produces leads, increases sales, and fosters loyal, repeat business!

Every encounter your ideal customers have with your business brand creates perceptions in their minds. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure their encounters are consistently positive ones! So, if and when they encounter a problem with your product or service, they feel assured and confident that you’ll stand by them to resolve the issue. How well you listen, attend to their concerns, and address the issue through service excellence further builds your brand reputation.

2.    GROW by continuously supplying relevant content marketing and industry resource information that your targeted audience needs and values.

You bring your digital brand to life when you provide consistent fresh content and industry resource information to your customers! In fact, excellent content marketing functions as the vehicle that drives people to your products and services on your website. And once they arrive and you have their attention, the brand messaging in the content is what motivates them into action.

In addition, lead generation and conversion begin with content that positions your business as a customer ally and reliable source of product or service solutions. So, continue offering them resourceful and meaningful information that kindles engagement and helps enhance or improve their quality of life.

Star Wars digital brand Baby GroguStar Wars1, for instance, provides an exceptional example of brand growth. What once started as three remarkable films created by George Lucas, beginning in 1977, has now grown into an epic phenomenon.

And once the brand branched out with Disney+, it became even more of a worldwide sensation some 45 years later!

3.    GROW by maintaining digital brand consistency across all platforms.

When companies keep their brand focused and consistent, their messaging stays crystal clear to customers as to what they can expect. Take Chick-Fil-A, for instance; when you hear the words “My pleasure,” they effectively communicate the brand every time you are served.

And again, when we saw the cows encouraging us in so many creative ways to “Eat Mor Chikin,” they maintained their brand across every platform. Likewise, you’ll want to incorporate consistent brand imagery and messaging to your clients through every digital marketing channel to help foster growth. Remember, you don’t have to be a large corporation to apply this criterion; it also works for small businesses and startups!

The marketing platforms mentioned above include the following:

    • Social Media and Blog Posts
    • Digital Ads
    • Your Business Website
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Print Media

4.    GROW by consistently being open to change and adapting or adjusting to it when necessary.

Change digital brand adapt conceptEvery good company must be willing to make necessary brand changes and revise or adjust its operations when strategies prove no longer effective.

In truth, when COVID-19 hit the U.S. in early 2020, nearly every business had to adjust to keep customers happy, stay alive, and sustain operations. And those who traditionally relied on face-to-face operations with their customers and clients needed to make a literal about-face! Fortunately, digital online marketing was the saving grace for thousands of companies that were required to convert in order to stay alive.


You’ve got all the steps. Now it’s time to do the digital brand dance!

So, connect with BUILDINGBLOCKS to explore all the benefits and digital marketing possibilities of partnering with us! More importantly, let’s meet to discuss the right brand-building process for your company and how we can become your outsourced marketing department or supplemental resource to your current marketing team!

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  1. Star Wars– Mandalorian: Baby Grogu. Photography by Lukas Denier.
  2. Concept of Change, by Nick Fewings.


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