3 Ways Companies Benefit from Outsourced Digital Marketing

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It’s simple; your thriving business1 will need additional marketing support at some point or another. And at that point, you could hire more employees that may require additional training OR utilize an experienced, outsourced digital marketing partner. With that in mind, we ask, which option would you choose when—

  • Your company has reached maximum production capacity and needs to expand?
  • A huge deal requiring more staff falls into your lap?
  • Business growth has become stunted?

As an outsourced marketing partner, we’ve learned about the many benefits we bring to the table for our clients. And today, we’re sharing our top three benefits as you consider tangible ways to grow and expand your business.

Enjoy exploring these top 3 outsourced marketing benefits and more!

Benefit #1— Your investment in hiring an outsourced marketing partner will yield SAVINGS in time, talent, and treasures!

That’s right! When was the last time you heard an investment could save you time, talent, and money? Well, working with an experienced outsourced digital marketing partner could certainly make that happen for your business—IF you hire the right one!


How do you save time, you ask?

As a business owner, you know how many months it could take to hire specific marketing staff and its costs (about $4000/hire). Your HR department has to post ads, and conduct interviews and background checks, etc., for each new hire. On top of that, you may need to provide your new staff with additional industry training and orientation based on the kind of marketing tools you need to conduct business. Not only do these processes cost time, but they also cost money. Yet, you save time through outsourced marketing as there is only one entity to add to your company, and training isn’t necessary. Moreover, an outsourced partner can help you hire talented staff to fill vacancies in other vital departments within your company!

But let’s look at the hard facts for a moment. It can take roughly 52 days to fill a vacant position, not to mention a few additional weeks of training. Also, if the marketing position is managerial or executive, you’re looking at a few months of training time. However, within that 52 days’ time, your outsourced marketing partner could’ve established an IMPACT marketing plan and begun the onboarding process to launch your campaigns!

In addition to saving time, you also save on talent position needs!

One outsourced marketing partner could serve in the place of multiple new hires, and that’s not rocket science. For example, your outsourced partner can provide the following:

    1. Content marketing services for SEO blogs and email marketing
    2. Lead generation services
    3. Digital ad costs
    4. Digital analytics reports
    5. And even help you develop/build a new company website.

And who doesn’t want to cut costs and save on their hard-earned revenue and treasures?

Contracting with an outsourced marketing partner will always help cut the costs of hiring new employees, paying insurance, and providing various employee benefits. And the expense of building an entire in-house marketing staff is also drastically cut, if not eliminated!

For instance, the cost of having a basic marketing team alone can start at a minimum of $150,000 annually, depending on service needs. And this amount doesn’t include hiring more staff. However, if you’re considering having an in-house team of highly-skilled and industry-competitive marketing professionals, you can expect to invest upwards of $550,000 or more annually. Contrarily, the cost of working with an expert outsourcing partner can range anywhere from $2000 to $25,000/month, depending on the type of marketing service needs your business has. So, what could your company do with that kind of savings benefit?

Benefit #2— Gain an entire team of outsourced digital marketing EXPERTS with a fresh perspective and advanced resources!


Meet your expert digital marketing team

First, here’s another question— ‘If you’re spending most of your time marketing your business, how much time do you have to operate it, service customers, and develop new business?’ I imagine it wouldn’t be much. Yet, with an outsourced digital marketing partner2, you can devote all your time to focusing on running the company.

Second, professional digital agencies, like BUILDINGBLOCKS, specialize in creative, strategic, and advanced technology product and service development. So, when you hire us, you gain a fully-trained team of experts equipped to oversee all your unique marketing needs successfully.

Third, you also gain insights and a fresh digital perspective on the latest marketing industry trends for your company. The best outsourced partners will substantially add value as a resourceful asset AND provide an outside service perspective in areas you may not be aware of or see from the inside.

And since your business must stay competitive, relevant, and marketable within your industry, partners will ensure you:

  • Keep customers engaged and happy.
  • Follow the latest digital marketing trends that will work best for your business.
  • Stay up-to-date with the strategic best practices and planned solutions that you put in place.
  • Maintain proper application processes for your software, marketing platforms, and various technical solutions.

Benefit #3— Get accurate RESULTS from your outsourced marketing partner!


Like most of us, we cannot see the trees from the forest when we’re in too deep. And, in truth, sometimes those ‘inside business blinders’ prevent us from seeing when our marketing efforts aren’t working well, or which solutions are best.

However, an outsourced partner can provide you with an unbiased and different perspective— backed by statistical data and campaign information. Most times, business owners and even their in-house marketing staff cannot provide results simply because they haven’t implemented KPIs and strategic measurements.

Digital marketing growth starts with measuring Google analytics

Yet, a marketing partner can provide creative direction and set up results parameters for:

  1. Your campaigns that aren’t working, or
  2. When you prefer to try something new and don’t know how

For instance, the only clear means of knowing if your marketing campaigns are working is to review analytic results3 and obtain reports that offer proof. And if your team isn’t trained to report metrics, you need an outsourced partner. With that, you can save time and money by utilizing the most suitable marketing tools and implementing the best campaigns. Data-driven insights will show substantial results on how well your tools are working, as well as how and when to adjust or change strategies.

You deserve the best outsourced marketing partner, so let’s get started!


Contracting with an outsourced digital marketing partner isn’t difficult, especially if you know what to look for in the most proficient partners. And with BUILDINGBLOCKS, we take the time to explore the best and most cost-effective marketing tools and strategies that could work for your business instead of recommending only what’s popular. Yet, a marketing valuation is where we like to start. So, take a moment to complete your FREE assessment, and we’ll be in touch.

Marketing self-assessment

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  1. Featured Image: Small business marketing meeting. Photo concept by- Memento Media.
  2. Team of Marketing Experts- Image concept by Annie Spratt.
  3. Marketing Analytics & Growth- photo concept by Path Digital.

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