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5 Critical SEO strategies needed to acquire talent that will help grow your business.


Are you using SEO to fill a few key vacant positions for your company this year? If so, you’ve come to the right blog! This article provides resourceful insights on incorporating five critical digital marketing strategies for recruiting top talent.

Although we’re into year four of COVID, technically, unemployment rates are slowly decreasing, and many businesses still have staff shortages. And despite the complex or varied reasons for this occurrence, digital marketing can provide the perfect solution for recruiting new employees. In fact, the very same online strategies we incorporate to help companies market their brands and generate leads can also be applied to recruiting elite employees.

Today’s businesses must do more than simply hang a “now hiring” sign on the window to bring in quality candidates. Fortunately, digital marketing offers both traditional true-blue and innovative strategies to attract the best industry hires. So, let us dig in and share more about our top five pics!

Learn more about these digital marketing recruitment strategies:

#1 Utilize social media to make a positive connection and lasting impression.


Social media remains the most modern and effective way to connect with your targeted audience organically on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn. This social media strategy also applies to recruiting new employees for maintaining and sustaining your business.

For instance, investing in Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook advertising are efficient ways to quickly reach potential applicants. Even more, today’s highly-qualified Gen Y and Gen Z candidates are used to completing online applications and submitting resumes to enter the job market. Overall, incorporating social media digital marketing to recruit top talent still proves successful for companies.

Simple Social Media Recruiting Tips

  1. Ensure your created campaigns attract the RIGHT potential employees to your website.
  2. Make sure your ads compel them to WANT to apply.
  3. Incorporate the appropriate keywords and hashtags pertaining to each vacant position, including similar job interests and skill sets.
  4. Include appealing images, alluring videos, and fresh information on company culture to help with their decision to apply.
  5. And for an even greater reach—  Post organically, too. Ask current employees to share open positions and vacancies on their social media platforms.

#2 Speak to what they value most with SEO content.


Perhaps the cleverest digital marketing method of reaching out to quality candidates is utilizing precise (SEO) Search Engine Optimization content. Its goal is to help boost business visibility through top search engines, eventually adding traffic to your website.

When using SEO in the recruitment process, you’ll need to increase and attract quality leads to your website career page. In addition, the top technique for increasing SEO visibility involves building backlinks to your site from another, more reputable site. Yet, working with an outsourced marketing partner is your best option if you prefer to invest in quality back-linking.

In truth, the most substantial factor to recruiting success with SEO is developing the right content messaging. The content you create for recruiting top talent must speak to your ideal candidate’s values for the position and within your company.

Other important factors and SEO best practices include:

  • Having an optimized and responsive website for mobile-friendly use
  • Ensuring all your web pages have the best keyword saturation with relevant and highly-searchable content—this is especially vital for your careers page, where candidates will visit
  • Keeping resourceful and pertinent content as KING on all your business web pages, social media posts, and automated emails


#3 Be sure to incorporate business brand messaging that also connects your company to the best candidates.


Concerning brand messaging and recruiting eligible staff, we have two key factors to point out—

  1. Make sure your brand is true to your company’s mission and values, and
  2. ‘Keep it Consistent!’

Once you’ve established and built your business brand, the last thing you must do is continue to let it grow with consistent and appealing messages that connect to your targeted audience AND potential employees.

Like generating quality leads to your website to encourage them to convert to customers, the best brand messages also encourage talented candidates to apply and fill vacant positions. Successful companies use digital marketing to maintain the great habit of providing insight into the career path opportunities they can provide employees. In addition, they utilize SEO best practices and brand messaging to do it!

#4 Use digital marketing videos to allow potential candidates to see and sample your business culture.


Developing a video marketing strategy to attract top talent can be an extraordinary tool to help you fill vacant positions quickly. I recommend creating simple two-minute videos on the careers page of your website or even for each job opening.

For instance, a video can further support brand messaging and provide customized insights/information about why candidates would want to work for you. In addition, showing them what it’s like to work in your company enables them to connect and visualize themselves as a part of the organization.

And most importantly, when you post testimonial videos from seasoned co-workers and team members, they further validate the recruitment process. So, when employee testimonies and messaging are combined with b-rolls of the work culture and environment, videos can pack a potent punch for recruiting top talent!

#5 If you don’t have a ‘Career Opportunities’ page or ‘Open Position’ landing page on your website, get one!


If you want good people to work for your company, you’ve got to be good to them and give them what they need to apply.

So, make it easy for them to do the following.

  • Engage with your business brand.
  • Get to know their potential work environment and culture.
  • Apply for the position online.
  • Fully understand the requirements and responsibilities of the position.


These common courtesies can be provided on a main ‘Careers’ website page, where each job opportunity has its own sub-page with pertinent details. Whether you post an opening on social media, via email marketing, and/or through digital ads, make sure candidates are led to a valid online space to click into, safely do research, and apply. In all, landing pages connect with your ads, emails, or social media posts to redirect leads and potential applicants to your business’ career page or specific opportunity.

And lastly, whatever you do, don’t be afraid to promote salaries online! That is the first thing candidates need and want to know, whether they ask or not— “How much does it pay?” You know this is true; so, don’t cringe!

How are your digital marketing efforts helping recruit talented employees for your business?


If you don’t know, you’re not alone. No doubt, you’re probably like most business owners, too busy running the business to know. And that’s where we partner with you to ensure digital marketing works for your company in the best possible ways!

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