The Six Reasons Why We LOVE Online Marketing

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Are you like most business owners who want your online marketing to work for you and bring in an excellent return on investment? You’re not alone. There’s a quest among companies to best apply the latest and greatest digital marketing tools and obtain viable success. Yet, when it comes down to mastering online marketing, there are six tried-and-true phenomena we’d like to share. Since these things are proven to help businesses obtain the type of success they need consistently, they’re also why we love them. Read on for more inspiration!

Reason #1 – Online marketing works when you’re ‘doing it right!’

Remember the movie Mr. Mom, starring Michael Keaton and Teri Garr? After his character, Jack, was laid-off from work, he had quite the adventure trying to fill his wife’s shoes as a stay-at-home Dad. Thus, was the famous line from the carpool scene… “Dad, you’re doing it wrong.”

Had Jack listened to the “experts” – his kids and the school crossing guard, he would’ve experienced success with the drop-off. Like Jack, some companies don’t get to experience the online marketing success they desire. Why is this? Most times, there is a lack of understanding of what truly makes online marketing successful. Additionally, with digital marketing’s ever-changing strategies, some businesses cannot determine the right and wrong way to market in their industry.

Allow us to share a few tips below on how online marketing can work well when you do it right.

If your online business is not set-up for the convenience of online marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Answers to the ‘why’ are as follows:

    1. Understand that the world is going online daily, so be prepared for them to easily find your business.

      The beauty of digital online marketing is that it’s conducive to the times in which we currently live. Fortunately, most people today go online first to gather information and resources pertaining to SEO results about people, products, and services. In addition, the world goes online more than once a day to seek out information and ask questions through conducted searches. This is why it’s also vital that your business has accessible marketing information that captures visitors’ interests and helps them find what they need.

    1. When you make the proper investments, you’ll find online marketing is very cost-effective.

      We know you’ve heard the term ‘you get what you pay for’. Well, in the world of digital marketing, this saying continues to reign true. It’s always crucial that you work with a professional marketing firm that will provide due-diligence by ensuring all your marketing dollars go towards effective strategies and tools for generating quality leads.

    1. You can personalize and tailor-make your online campaigns.

      This tip is one of the most effective ways to obtain online marketing success. When businesses personalize various marketing campaigns to target special interest groups, they quickly capture the right audience. Customers LOVE when they can get straight to what they need quickly. Digital marketing works well when companies learn to leverage personalization campaigns to tailor messages to the right prospects and convert them into customers.

    1. Online marketing was designed for quick, easy, 24/7 access; so, don’t make your customers’ online experiences complicated.

      The bottom line is digital marketing was made to be convenient. So, when people come to your site thinking that you’re offering a viable solution, make sure that they see that clearly and that you communicate that well for them. Also, make it convenient for them to respond through concise call-to-actions. They should be able to choose to call or purchase within 2 or 3 clicks on your site.

    1. Digital marketing also works well because companies and customers can correspond directly to each other online.

      When an online visitor has a question, they should be able to get an answer fairly quickly. Websites today offer fast and convenient ways for customers to connect online and get immediate help with their needs. This two-way form of open communication continues to work well for people because they should also have 24/7 access to your site.

Reason #2 – We love that digital marketing generates an ROI.

No doubt, when you utilize all the right tools and strategies for your online marketing campaigns, you will see a great ROI. However, an important thing you should always do is consistently track your campaign successes over time through a conversion rate metric. This method will help your business decipher which campaigns are working best and how much of a return you received.

Most companies set goals for what kind of return they desire to generate. However, some simply stop at that and don’t consider cost per lead, cost per acquisition, or lead closing rate. When marketers help you set the right goals and consider every aspect of measurement, you’re sure to see success. Learn more now about successful lead generation and getting the desired return on investment.

Reason #3 – Marketing online can also be extremely successful when you have a dynamic website that works!

Have you ever wondered what makes a website not just good but great? Let us tell you what we’ve learned over the years!

  • Great websites typically satisfy user search intents.

When it comes to a website that works, you first want to ensure you set it up in a way that reaches and connects with your target audience. We’ve asked this question many times… ‘Do you know who your target audience is and what they need?’ Then, the following question is… ‘Is your website and content arranged to meet that need quickly?’ Great keyword phrases that match search behaviors, along with relevant and informative content marketing, are the first steps to having a dynamic website. In other words, does it have captivating user-centered content?

  • An excellent online marketing website is responsive on any digital platform and will be mobile-friendly.

This statement says it all. No business has a fully functioning and successful website if that site isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly. Customers should be able to access a company site online using any preferred device.

online-marketing-responsive-website-designSome interesting statistics from Front Burner on mobile websites:

    • Roughly 66% of e-commerce consumption comes from smartphone users.
    • 70% of mobile phone users, and nearly 78% of tablet users, agree that the “call” button on a mobile site is the most vital aspect of a company website.
    • Surprisingly, over 93% of small business sites are not mobile-friendly, especially while an astonishing 80% of online customers utilize smartphones to seek information and make purchasing decisions!
  • Dynamic websites should also have a great design and provide the perfect user experience.

The answer is YES if you were wondering if a website needs to look nice. However, on the same level as ‘look,’ that site must also function and flow well. Functionality and flow, along with an intriguing design, provides each visitor with a great UX or user experience.

When businesses set up sites that are “client-centered,” that means they’ve taken the time to understand visitor search behaviors and what makes them stay on a website longer. If your site’s aesthetic is visually pleasing to the eyes and the flow of information is calming and easy for visitors to follow, you’ve created a positive UX for online visitors. A great user experience is also authentic when visitors can quickly access what they need from your site, and you’ve made it convenient for them to respond.

Reason #4 – Going online helps enhance all your inbound marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing includes elements and tools like emails, SEO, PPC, SMM, and video marketing to enhance most business strategy campaigns. Yet, it’s important to properly leverage the ones that are best suited for your industry while also learning which ones connect best with your target audience.

Overall, inbound marketing is all about attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers through content that makes meaningful connections to their search needs. But not every strategy will work for every company or every campaign. So, partnering with the right experienced marketing professionals will help you get the most out of all your campaign strategies.

inbound-online-marketing-infographic-2Source: Inbound Marketing- Hubspot

SEO, PPC, SMM, and video marketing are direct responses to search intents and search behaviors. Email marketing, however, is a little different because visitors aren’t actually searching online for an email. Yet, because of how people have interacted with a company in the past, that company can send meaningful content.

We love helping businesses make the proper marketing connections and deliver valuable content to buyers and prospects. And there’s an overall sense of satisfaction that comes when visitors quickly find what they were actually searching for online. Yet, the inbound marketing tools and elements must provide direct, clear, and concise information pertinent to visitor search. And in turn, businesses get the satisfaction of delivering viable solutions to their customers.

Reason #5 – Digital marketing allows you to apply content marketing best practices.

In case you haven’t noticed, we talk about content a lot! Well, that’s because it’s the single most crucial aspect of online marketing. Without meaningful content and relevant information, you cannot market to your target audience, and they aren’t able to find you online.

When it comes to content marketing strategy success, you must consider the following criteria:

  1. Know and follow your company brand guidelines when posting content.
  2. Understand your target audience’s needs and their buying journey, then cater your content around that.
  3. Set goals and milestones based on content strategies, then prepare to document progress.
  4. Make sure you always optimize your content during the production process.
  5. Keep an editorial calendar and content schedule for posting.
  6. Determine which types of different quality content you need to provide for your ideal audience and visiting personas.
  7. Collect results data and conduct an analysis to measure strategy progress and success.

Reason #6 – Online marketing helps you apply CRO or conversion rate optimization.

When companies optimize their websites to improve the user’s online experience and program it to increase user conversion rates, they’re setting up CRO. Conversion rate optimization helps expand user rates and convert visitors towards the desired action. To raise the number of prospects coming to your business website and convert visitors into customers, you should incorporate site analytics CRO into a systematic process.

However, as prospects come to your website, a conversion rate optimization strategy should already be established. An innovative approach helps efficiently move prospects through the sales funnel and can increase the chance of converting them into loyal customers. BUILDLINGBLOCKS specializes in helping your B2B company drive quality leads to your website. And our ultimate goal is to provide advanced strategies that help convert those leads into satisfied clients.

Ready to grow your company with online marketing that works? We’re here to help!

If you’re ready to start developing a new online marketing strategy for your business, give us a call at 281-203-0529. For your convenience, freely connect with us online and let us know how we can help. And remember, stay warm and safe!

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