Digital Marketing That Works Even When You’re Not

Learn How to Relax and Let Online Marketing Work for You!

Okay, suppose it’s summertime, and you’re on holiday. So what happens to your digital marketing campaign efforts?

  • Option 1:  Do they stop while you take a much-needed break?
  • Option 2:  Or do you plan ahead and set up innovative strategies that will work for your business even when you’re not?

Well, over here, we most certainly prefer “Option 2!” And because we do, we’d like to share three marvelous digital marketing trends that will always work for you, even on auto-pilot mode. However, the key to their success depends on two essential criteria:

  1. How well did you set up your IMPACT plan (Internet Marketing Plan of Action), and
  2. Your commitment to systems preparation and ensuring you work the plan strategy correctly

Marketing self-assessment

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The key to planning and developing an effective digital marketing strategy lies in Nike’s legendary tagline— “Just Do It!

Although you’d rather be enjoying the summer sun, an ocean breeze, or that favorite double scoop of ice cream, there are always the “first things” to consider. So, putting best practices in place and developing solid strategies before you take off is critical to building overall digital marketing success.

Building a profitable strategy takes major pre-planning, set-up, and plan execution to see the results and ROI you desire. And the slogan, “Just Do It,” works here because it requires work to plan, set, and execute that strategy. Preparing for and setting up campaigns isn’t rocket science, nor is it time-consuming. However, it does require precision as it remains vital to the promotion and success of any winning campaign.

In other words, you must first work it if you want it to work for you! Once you’ve planned and implemented your preferred strategies, you can take your break and allow digital marketing tools to do their jobs.

Let’s begin with the three key tips for summertime digital marketing success.

Summer digital marketing tips for businessman on vacationEveryone deserves a nice break during the vacation season, so why deny yourself when it comes to your business? Yet, before taking that much-needed R&R, your company must have a few SEO best practices applied to your online marketing efforts. Ask yourself the following questions.

1.    Is my business website mobile responsive and optimized?

    • Because people are primarily ‘out-and-about’ this summer, you’ll want to ensure they can easily find and access your services or products from their smart devices. Now, more than ever, people are turning to their Smartphones to search for all the information they need.
    • And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it will be difficult for them to find what you offer them or where you are from their phones.

2.    Am I taking advantage of social media?

    • It’s also crucial these days that your company learns to leverage social media and make it FUN. Utilizing social media is especially vital during the summer as people consistently post joyous human experiences. It means they are engaged.
    • Thus, you can connect with your customers and targeted audience by posting extraordinary company events, activities, and social/community involvement projects.

3.    Do I have inbound marketing campaigns ready?

    • There’s only one clear way to grow your business, and it requires inbound marketing. So, if you want exponential growth, be sure to implement SEO strategy campaigns relevant to the times, events, and seasons in which we live!
    • This method keeps you connected to potential customers and your ideal audience. Over time, they begin to perceive that you have the product, service, and/or informative solutions they need.

Is Your Current Marketing Strategy Working?

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Which four digital marketing tools will work for your business while you take in some R&R?

Gmail digital marketing email automation#1 Email Marketing Automation

Since marketers are constantly busy meeting deadlines and developing content plans, calendars, and strategies to execute, they’ve become multitask masters. Thus, you can clearly see their need to take a break. And fortunately, email marketing automation is the lifesaver and time-saving go-to tool!

Email automation has quickly become entrenched in the world of digital marketing best practices as its capacity to streamline comprehensive processes is an absolute blessing. In a nutshell, it generates leads, enhances the quality of consumer encounters1, and smooths out the buyer’s journey while saving you time and effort!

The top benefits of properly incorporating marketing automation include:

Substantial Savings in Work Time and Effort

Once you’ve completed the groundwork of setting up your campaigns with the targeted audiences, dates, parameters and conditions, and then turned them on, the marketing automation will begin to do the work for you. Campaigns.

Consistent Lead Engagement and Improved Conversion Rates

Automation plays a critical role in every buyer’s journey to turn leads into loyal customers. Part of that reason leads me to the next point –

Significant Decrease in Customer Annoyance and Aggravation

Emails can be less “salesy-sounding” and more engaging with relevant messages that connect customers to positive life experiences.

A Nice Boost in Revenue Sales

You can look forward to prime returns on your investments with marketing automation!

#2 Google Ad-words

With Google Ads, your business ultimately benefits from top online advertising. Overall, it exposes your ads to the right people at the right place and time.

Google AdWords allows you to:

    • Target specific ads
    • Set specific costs
    • Measure and monitor success, and…
    • Manage each campaign as needed

Digital marketing for couple using Google Ads and SMM

#3 SMM, or Social Media Digital Marketing

We found nine top advantages of SMM for today’s businesses. Fortunately, social media marketing works similarly to the other tools by saving companies time and effort once they’ve set up their campaigns.

Yet, overall benefits and advantages include:

    • Increasing your brand awareness & loyalty
    • Greater inbound traffic
    • Better SEO ranking
    • Increased conversion rates
    • Enhanced customer fulfillment
    • Greater brand authority
    • Better cost-effectiveness
    • Obtaining marketplace insight
    • Gaining thought leadership

#4 GEO-Targeting

Geo-targeting app in digital marketingGeo-targeted marketing provides a new method of delivering ad content within a specified geographic area based on customer criteria. Furthermore, it enables certain brands to focus on and target certain user behaviors and personas.

For instance, a specific ad can appear on a particular user’s smartphone based on certain apps when that targeted user is near a business or store of interest. Regardless of the settings, the end result is relevant and highly personalized messaging that helps drive leads, engagement, and conversions for businesses.

And again, once conditions and parameters have been put in place, you can turn the campaign on and allow it to work while you relax.

Although there are many advantages to implementing this tool, we’ve found three top ways GEO Targeting can be beneficial. They include:

    • High personalization with enhanced UX — To increase “time and place” customer engagement
    • Lower acquisition costs – Making campaigns more cost-effective
    • A boost in local SEO – Allowing customers to obtain relevant local search results

Especially during the vacation season, you need help from a reliable digital marketing partner.

Let us step in as your trusted partner to help you set up your campaigns and obtain tangible results, whether you’re on holiday or not.

Getting started is easy! Simply connect with us online, or call 281-203-0529 to discuss your digital marketing needs. In the meantime, take a quick Marketing Assessment below to see how well your campaign strategies are working.

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  1. Email marketing on phone. Concept by Brett Jordan.


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