6 Ways Veterans Build Business with Digital Marketing

As a Veteran-owned business, you’re eligible for countless benefits and advantages. However, when veteran companies incorporate innovative digital marketing strategies, they build business and have the potential to grow by leaps and bounds!

Helping veterans build business through digital marketing is critical to company success.

This article discusses six ways Veterans can benefit from business ownership and integrate digital marketing services. Consequently, digital marketing is what helps business owners generate quality leads and obtain the best results. Freely jump to the top six benefits we discuss, which include the following:

  1. Google Your Veteran-Owned Business and Grow!
  2. Training Workshops
  3. Government Contracts and “Set-Asides”
  4. Veteran Company Tax Benefits
  5. SBA’s Veteran Business Development Center
  6. Discover what EVERY company needs!

1. With professional digital marketing assistance, veteran-owned businesses can learn to take full advantage of the “Grow with Google” program.

Are you starting out small? No problem! The Grow with Google: Veteran-Led Small Business program will help get you off to a perfect start! We wanted to begin our discussion with Google because their search engine analytics are crucial to helping your targeted audience find you online. Whatever your product or service offerings, Google provides simple, top-notch, and accessible resources for American Veteran business owners.

We don’t know of any operating company that isn’t looking to grow and advance. Fortunately, with this program, you can identify your company as a “veteran-led” business and begin adding various attributes to your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Moreover, veterans can acquire business ideas, tips, online marketing classes, seminars, and connect with new markets worldwide.

2. Veterans can also participate in business marketing networks and focused national training workshops.

Regardless of what stage you’re in on your entrepreneurial and business ownership journey, there’s a training workshop tailored to your growth needs. The SBA, VBOC, and other veteran organizations offer nationwide workshop events, seminars, and networking opportunities. Such sessions can include but aren’t limited to statewide Boots-to-Business events, various Reboot sessions, and community workshops.

These events provide veteran business owners with the advanced knowledge and expertise needed to grow and service their communities even better. And due to the pandemic, organizations have found innovative ways to offer Zoom sessions, webinars, and other online training options. These online options and training adjustments help ensure veterans receive much-needed information and continue advancing.

3. U.S. Veterans looking to build business must become familiar with GSA’s government contracts and set-asides.

digital-marketing-woman-owned-businessGSA stands for the U.S. General Services Administration. They are responsible for offering federal government contacts and set-asides for veteran business owners. These contracts allow a small percentage of all contracting dollars to go towards veteran and disabled business statuses and businesses owned by women.

Set-asides are especially important for veterans as they ensure small business owners receive their fair share of work opportunities. For instance, all federal government purchases under $250,000 are automatically set aside for smaller companies to help level the playing field.

4. Every business needs digital marketing to survive and remain relevant, and tax incentives can certainly help!

Whether you are a veteran-owned company or not, businesses that hire veterans can receive an income tax credit maximum of up to $1,500. The U.S. Department of Labor also provides tax incentives for hiring other employees from various targeted groups, such as SSI recipients, ex-felons, job-seekers from vocational rehab referrals, and many more!

As a business owner and employer, learn more on how you can access tax credits and submit claims through the WOTC program.

5. The SBA’s Office of Veteran Business Development is a tremendous help and adds value to your ownership endeavors.

The SBA, or U.S. Small Business Association, has a department hub especially designated for veteran business development.  This department inherently serves as a platform for maximizing the use and availability of benefits accessible to veteran entrepreneurs. They also provide a host of resources through an extensive directory for veterans of all statuses, from service-disabled to reserve members.

Veteran owned business infographic- Digital.com

Infographic: Digital – “How to Start a Small Business – A Veteran’s SMB Guide…”

SBA also hosts an Annual Veteran’s Small Business Week every November. Their national celebration honors and acknowledges thousands of veteran entrepreneurs. During that week, the SBA offers veteran business owners additional digital marketing tips, tactics, webinars, and many other resources to help ensure they build business and set themselves up for substantial growth.

6. Whether you’re a Veteran-owned business or not, every company could use digital marketing services that yield significant results.

BUILDINGBLOCKS is proud to be a Veteran-owned business! And we’re here to serve our fellow veteran entrepreneurs as well as your company. We know your products and/or services provide solutions for your customers, and that’s why we exist. Our goal is to help visitors find you online and establish a relevant digital presence in your service industry.

For example, we help companies who need a complete outsourced marketing solution. At the same time, we assist companies that simply want supplemental services to complement the goals set by their marketing department. In any case, consider us your trusted friend and reliable source. Contact us online, or give us a call at 281-203-0529.


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