Anatomy of a Mega Website: A Sagis Case Study

In the dynamic landscape and ever-changing world of healthcare, service adaptation is not optional; it’s imperative for growth and ultimate survival. For example, Sagis Diagnostics, a nationally prominent pathology laboratory based in Houston, TX, quickly propelled into exponential growth, driven by various new acquisitions and an ambitious expansion into diverse service lines. Their first thought for a viable solution was to develop a comprehensive website that works and best suits their service objectives.

With Sagis’ phenomenal growth, they needed to revamp their online presence to accommodate an expanding portfolio and ensure a seamless user experience. This case study delves into how Sagis Diagnostics partnered with BUILDINGBLOCKS Marketing Solutions (BBMS) to overcome these obstacles and emerge with a stronger brand presence.

Our Client— Sagis Diagnostics:

Today, Sagis is a trusted name in pathology. The company is a physician-led pathology group that provides diagnostic expertise in a variety of fields, including dermatopathology, podiatric pathology, surgical & cytopathology, molecular pathology, and toxicology, to name a few. With a commitment to precision and excellence, it serves as a cornerstone in the medical community, providing vital diagnostic services to nationwide healthcare providers and patients alike.

Sagis website dermatopathologists' page

Check Out Sagis’ New Diagnostic Experts Page!

Their Growth Problem:

As the Sagis team expanded, they became challenged with refreshing their messaging and consolidating their website and online presence to innovate, adapt, and best reflect and incorporate their extended offerings. This necessitated merging three separate websites and two new service lines into one cohesive platform. The existing websites included:

  1. Sagis Dx
  2. Sagis Podiatry
  3. Sagis Toxicology

Sagis former website homepage slide 3.

Sagis Former Website Homepage— BEFORE

In addition to merging the websites and brands, Sagis found it necessary for the consolidated site to have:

  • Scalability as they continued to diversify
  • A capacity to provide user access to any page on the site within two to three clicks
  • An enhanced user-friendly admin interface, giving their team the ability to manage content on their own
  • Exceptional UI/UX for the Resident Education portion of their website to add value and create more positive learning experiences for residents and medical students
  • Improved patient and provider portals to ensure site visitors can easily and quickly access results, supplies, and needed resources and information online

The Solution:

BBMS didn’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we developed a tailored strategy by taking a comprehensive approach to address Sagis’ multifaceted challenges. We created the following steps towards a custom solution.

1.    Voice of Customer Survey

BBMS gained valuable insights into Sagis’ target audience by conducting in-depth surveys. This tool facilitated the development of precise marketing personas and tailored messaging strategies, ensuring resonance with physicians, clinicians, and resident doctors alike.

2.    WordPress Integration with User-Friendly Admin Interface

Leveraging the power of WordPress coupled with a customizable website builder, BBMS crafted a sleek and intuitive admin interface. This solution empowered Sagis’ team to manage content effortlessly, streamlining operations and reducing dependency on external resources.

3.    Mega Menu Implementation

BBMS integrated a robust mega menu feature to enhance user navigation. This option enabled users to easily access specific service lines, fostering a seamless browsing experience. The mega menu also allows visitors to access any page on the site within two to three clicks.

4.    Resident Education Portal

Recognizing the significance of resident education and its importance to Sagis, BBMS enhanced and further advanced their sophisticated video library. The new portal offers resident doctors a comprehensive learning platform tailored to their needs and is equipped with advanced sorting, search categories, and viewing functionalities.


Sagis website NEW homepage above scroll snapshot.

Sagis Website Homepage— AFTER


The Sagis Diagnostics Result:

They received a mega website with a seamless fusion of marketing innovation and functionality. Through strategic collaboration with BBMS, Sagis has successfully transformed its online presence, achieving remarkable outcomes. This consolidated website not only exuded professionalism but, more importantly, it strategically addressed the needs of physicians, clinicians, residents, and patients alike.

Furthermore, the intuitive admin interface empowered Sagis’ team, enabling efficient content management and fostering autonomy. Lastly, the dedicated Resident Education portal garnered accolades for its exceptional UI/UX, enriching the learning journey for residents.

Sagis’ partnership with BBMS exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in navigating the complexities of business growth and diversification. By embracing tailored marketing solutions and prioritizing user experience, Sagis continues to emerge as a trailblazer in the diagnostic healthcare industry and remains poised for continued success in an ever-evolving landscape of diagnosing potential life-threatening diseases.

Continuing to serve marketing solutions and partnering with Sagis Diagnostics has remained an honor for BBMS!

Sagis Molecular page- Top

Sagis Molecular page- Bottom

Check Out Sagis’ Molecular Services Department Page!

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