Lead Generation Magnets that Stick with Your Web Visitors

What to do with a magnet that doesn’t stick to anything or function as it should? Well, if you’re like most people, you throw it away because you can’t use it. This same concept applies to online lead generation marketing. If you’re going to use a lead magnet for your business marketing, make sure it sticks and stays with online visitors. Otherwise, there’s no point in using one.

Lead generation magnets only work when you know what they are and how to utilize them.

Before going into the marketing definition of lead magnets, let’s first revisit the notion about magnets that don’t stick. Studies say that over 8 in 10 online visitors will opt-in with a lead magnet if they are clear on what they’re signing up for. However, this only applies to magnets that are effective at offering relevant information visitors can use. Two apparent things can occur when businesses use lead magnets that don’t work:

  1. Site visitors and prospective buyers don’t connect with the magnet, so they ignore it and likely assume your website cannot help them.
  2. They will quickly leave your website and not return because they couldn’t find the solution they were looking for.

So, what are lead magnets?

lead generation magnet is a free digital incentive that businesses will offer potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. Most commonly, magnets provide an exceptional way for your business to obtain email addresses from site visitors and prospects. The best kinds of magnets will come in free downloads and resourceful content like checklists, eBooks, exclusive reports, and brochures.

How should your business best utilize lead generation magnets?

Respectfully, every marketer and business owner must know there are some essential factors to consider when it comes to using lead magnets.

    • First of all, use magnets to capture potential buyers’ and site visitors’ attention. To accomplish this, please read the next key factor.
    • Second, you’ll want to use a magnet to make a connection with visitors based on their keyword search and how it relates to the solution you offer.
    • Thirdly, lead generation magnets need to entice and compel visitors to take the next steps towards finding their solution. Using magnets to capture and connect with an audience quickly is the key
    • Last and most importantly, make sure to position your magnets like a resourceful gold nugget. It would help if you only utilized magnets that offer your visitors something of great value and sustenance. In doing so, you make it worth their time and energy to share their information.

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Want your lead magnets to stick? Keep reading!

Every lead generation magnet should possess certain qualities if you genuinely want them to stick or work effectively. Below, we’ve shared seven common factors that you will want to apply to every highly-functioning magnet. They are as follows:

1. Offer Relevant Solutions

Lead magnets must offer a real solution or solve a relevant problem potential customers have. This is the primary reason why they are coming to your website in the first place. So, make sure the magnet provides information visitors need and want to use.

2. Make them Easy to Swallow

Make sure your magnets are quick, simple, and easy to ingest. Smart businesses will offer short bullet points and high-level information that compels visitors to click further.

3. Make them Easy to Access

Along with being easy to ingest, lead magnets should also be super easy to access. Businesses need to provide instant gratification for visitors as soon as they demand the information. That’s what magnets do – they stick instantly. However, if you make visitors work too hard to get the information, you could lose them to the competition.

4. Keep them Specific & Targeted

Captivating magnets are very specific and targeted towards generating qualified leads and the desired audience to your website. For this reason, your business wants to ensure the magnet is somehow tied to their relevant keyword searches and phrases. If visitors sense they will obtain a solution pertinent to what they’re looking for, they will stay on your site and follow through with sharing information.


5. Should Have Valid & Verifiable High-Value

Every good lead generation magnet will not only have a perceived high-value but will also have actual high-value the moment each visitor answers the call-to-action. Consistently ensure your magnets are valid and actually what they are perceived to be. Most importantly, never do a “bait-and-switch” on a potential buyer.

6. Should Highlight Your Expertise & Capabilities

You will want your lead magnets also to demonstrate your company’s UVP or unique value proposition. Simply put, whatever industry solution you offer, position yourself as a leader, and allow the lead magnet to show forth your expertise.

7. Will Foster Win-Win Scenarios

Finally, lead generation magnets should offer a win-win situation for the business and the potential buyer. High-level magnets can help visitors easily achieve goals, simplify their lives, or improve and enhance their jobs. They will deliver a win-win as they allow visitors to develop trust and provide you with quality leads.

Try some of these awesome lead generation magnet examples.

Below is a small list of different types of lead magnets that tend to work best for businesses. As long as you set them up correctly and keep them relevant to your audience, they will undoubtedly become assets to your website.

Some of the best lead generation magnet examples include:

  • Simple quizzes – a resourceful asset that provides visitors with ratings, grades, or categories to help visitors assess and know their status on something
  • Online calculators – they function similar to a quiz but provide a measurable factor.
  • Cheat sheets – magnets that offer guided information to solving problems or challenges
  • Downloadable industry reports and exclusive content – true resource information that is relevant to industry news and trends
  • Checklists – another guide resource that helps visitors improve or ensure they have what they need to accomplish a goal, meet a need, or solve a problem
  • Easy templates and formatted resources – an asset that saves time and allows visitors to simply fill in the blanks and use for presentations or reports
  • Simple guides and resourceful tip sheets – similar to cheat sheets, but provide purely “how-to” information on a topic or resolving a problem

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