Top Online Marketing Trends to “Glow-Up” Your Business

If 2020 taught digital marketers anything, it was just how vital online marketing is to a business advancing. And now that the lightbulb1 is on, we’ve steadily sprung our businesses forward during 2021’s first quarter. In fact, marketing professionals continue searching for the latest and greatest strategies to stand apart from the crowd. However, when it comes to the top online marketing trends to help “glow-up” your business, some of the best methods are still those tried-and-true strategies!

Discover the five sure-fire online marketing trends that can further enhance your business marketing strategy.


There are various digital marketing trends that were already occurring well before the pandemic hit. For instance, video marketing is the one trend we already “saw coming.” And once the social lives of people around the world changed forever, the necessity for online videos became even more crystalized.

So, if you’d like to make a splash as we move away from the black hole of the COVID-19 pandemic, then you’ll want to ensure you’re incorporating these five online marketing trends into your digital marketing strategy:

1. Video Marketing


As mentioned above, if you’re looking to make the biggest splash, you’ll want to invest in the trend taking digital marketing by storm: video marketing. Research shows that approximately 85% of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2020. Why? Because consumers find video easier to comprehend and remember than traditional written content.

Online marketing consumer product and services search preferences- Wyzowl 2019This Wyzowl infographic shows that nearly 70% of people preferred utilizing online videos to explore products and services, and this was from two years ago.


2. Content Marketing and Maintaining SEO Best Practices


The adage ‘content is king’ still rings true today. When you pair it with the top SEO best practices, it becomes an outstanding opportunity for building brand awareness and generating new leads. Content with excellent SEO strategies also further build vital relationships between you and your audience. Studies show some of the most noteworthy content marketing tactics to invest in include:

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Visual/Video content
    • Publishing educational content

Further 2021 research indicates that nearly 95% of marketers had to change their strategies due to the pandemic.

Online marketing graphic chart- Content Marketing Institute 2021 researchThis chart graphic from the Content Marketing Institute shows which specific changes and adjustments surveyed companies made last year.



3. Social Media and Influencer Marketing


To increase engagement between a brand and its audience, many marketing teams have taken to social media. On social media, they share content and encourage more conversations with their audience.

While social media has exploded amongst marketing professionals for sharing content and promotions, it’s important to understand just how important collaboration can be. That’s where influencer marketing comes into play. Taking time to research who your target audience looks up to and asking them to collaborate with your company’s brand goes a long way in convincing your audience they need what you have. One study showed that 89% of marketers saw an ROI from this channel comparable to others, with 65% stating they wanted to increase their influencer marketing budget.

4. Personalization and Conversational Marketing


The World of Personalization Technology

Personalization has been an important marketing factor for some time, especially as demand for more personalized content, email marketing, and automation increases. However, with more brands on social media platforms to encourage engagement, personalization needs to be approached in a new light.

Your consumers don’t come to your social media profiles to browse. Many of them have questions, comments, and/or concerns that need addressing. Instead of talking to your audience as a whole, you need to address each person individually.

A great way to do this is to reply to comments and ask them to respond so you can help one-on-one. Taking the initiative to interact this way shows consumers you care about their thoughts, concerns, and needs – not just about making a sale.

Digital connection online marketing concept photo by Nordwood Themes

Understanding Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing’s primary goal is to enhance the user experience through feedback-driven models that foster greater digital2 engagement and loyalty.

Through conversational marketing techniques, you can take personalization a step further by investing and allowing customers to get direct, real-time answers to their issues. With all of today’s talk about chatbots, it’s clear that modern marketing is much more conversational. And truthfully, more people seem to prefer it that way, as research shows over 80% of consumers who have a question want an “immediate” online response.

5. Brand Messaging and Integrity Enhancements


Finally, your marketing team needs to focus on being an authoritative expert within your given industry/niche. Having a customized business focus will always take precedence over blending in with the rest.  To do this, you need to focus on each of the online marketing methods mentioned above and stay consistent.

Consumers are fed up with uncertainty, especially after last year’s course of events. That’s why people want businesses they know they can rely on. So, take the time to research and get to know your audience and their needs. Then, aim your marketing efforts in ways for them to best receive it.



Are you ready to “Glow-up” your online marketing efforts?


With the massive spike in online searches for products and services like never before, it’s also become critical that businesses update their online marketing strategies. Such adjustments would not only give your company an up-graded “Glow-up” but also help you stay relevant in continuing to meet needs.

As a business owner, you may wonder why you should consistently upgrade your online marketing efforts. Well, allow us to explain. First, there’s a good rule of thumb to remember: As times and life-events change, so do online search behaviors and intents when visitors are looking for products and services. Second, you already know your business offers an essential solution for particular and potential buyers.

Therefore, since the way people conduct online searches changes, you must also be prepared to make necessary business adjustments. Such modifications can include examples like:

  • Updating your website
  • Refreshing and adding new content marketing information
  • Implementing new strategies and tactics to connect with your audience better

Incorporating today’s online marketing trends is more important than ever.


Consequently, the only way to stay before customers and remain relevant is to stay current with industry marketing trends. In other words, 2021 has required us, even more, to spring forward and move with the times by seeking new opportunities to improve.

This call to the ‘next level’ has never been more critical to prioritizing your online marketing strategy. If you’re unsure of where to begin, allow our professional team at BUILDINGBLOCKS to help guide you through the process. Connect with us today online, or give us a call at 281-203-0529 to get started.

  1. Lightbulb concept Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash
  2. Digital connection concept Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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