5 Fascinating Web Design Trends in 2020

Updated October 2021:

We are already well into the year, and the face of business web design continues to push forward. And how is it that the look and layout of innovative websites started morphing every few years?  That answer is simple – online visitors. What most companies may not understand is that online searches and visitors are the drivers that determine the latest trends in web designs.

Experienced market researchers measure trends based on how long people stay on your site and also how often they share it. Therefore, we’re referencing sites that have intriguing features that help increase user interface (UI) and the user’s overall experience (UX).

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What Makes a Web Design Trendy?

When web designs push the boundaries of what we know to be possible online, they tend to trend quickly. This is especially true for sites that have a high traffic volume.

So, certain qualities that make websites trendy include things like design aesthetic, usability, overall functionality, and interactivity. There is also speed and content style. Web developers know the key to a great design is in how well it captures the audience at the first impression. Once the design has the visitor’s attention, is there relevant content that inspires and compels the visitor to stay on and act?

Web design trends are the incorporation of three significant factors.


Design Aesthetics and Beauty

First of all, trendiness depends on design attractiveness and the overall look and visual aesthetic of the site. If the site is pleasing to the eye in some unique way, while also complementing the industry’s products or services, visitors will like it.

Design Interactivity and Layout

When experienced developers create a web design, that design tends to have a nice flow between the graphics and the content on each page. How well the colors, geometric and organic shapes, text, line mixes, and patterns interact and complement each other is another plus. Visitors tend to enjoy sites that are creative and interactive, with remarkable screen displays.

Design Innovation Technology

Lastly, most visitors enjoy experiencing innovative design technology and easy functionality on websites. Although every site does not require high-tech and substantial innovation, those industries that need it should have it. Site speed, functionality, responsiveness, and user-friendliness are at the top of every visitor’s list. Therefore, web designs that have innovative technology and use it appropriately help increase the overall user experience.

In the end, a website that was modern and fresh a few months ago can quickly become outdated months later. Just as fast as things change with SEO and progressive marketing trends, so does web design landscaping. In this article, we share insights on five of the most interesting website design trends in 2020.

1. Bold Fonts and Typography

Various companies today have returned to big, bold typography to solidify the design of their homepages. This stylish trend works best when developers leave the rest of the page minimal and clean. Likewise, the content must immediately capture the audience and make a connection. Bold fonts and prints will either take your visitors straight to the point or instantly cause them to click for more information. See our awesome example pick of bold typography from Hix Snedeker Companies.


2. Using Lurid Layers of Color

It turns out that people in this new decade enjoy stacked and staggered layers of color on the screens. This feature of vivid color is pleasing to the senses while also adding depth and texture to a simple web design layout. Below, The Fotonaut Machine Company from the Czech Republic displays an impressive example of an innovative website using vivid layers of color.


3. Web Designs with Ultra-minimalism

Ultra-minimalism takes the meaning of Baloo’s song – The Bare Necessities from Disney’s The Jungle Book to a whole new level. With this website style, designers seem to take classic minimalism to an extreme level. The layout almost seems to defy the conventional theory of the way a website should look. So, instead of your typical home or landing page, visitors see a clean stark layout with just the absolute bare necessities.

What visitors also encounter is content that’s captivating enough to provide the exact choices they need to go deeper into the site. Giving visitors simple choices always works and helps them quickly move to what they need without a lot of nonsense. Like it or not, it’s a surprising trend in 2020. Enjoy this perfect example of ultra-minimalism from California interdisciplinary designer Kerem Suer.


Article Source:  Speckyboy.com

4. Fun Use of Geometric Shapes and Patterns

For those who enjoy whimsical patterns and shapes, especially those from the millennial generation, this style continues to trend. We see this style of design continuing to pop up more frequently on websites today. Overall, it adds a touch of modern flair to a site otherwise governed by traditional flat design. Belgium’s Superlab Design Agency does a superb job of combining lines with geometric shapes and patterns.


5. Text and Image Overlapping Trends

Would any online visitor not enjoy exploring a cool site that screams fresh, modern innovation? When text vaguely overlaps complementing imagery in a unique way, you have a winning combination of visual aesthetic and graphic art.  Moreover, this trend has remained a fashionable effect on website portfolios and blogs. Digital Agentur Purple & Grey out of Austria is our perfect pick for the text overlapping web design trend that we will see more of in 2020.


Put Your Web Design Needs in the Hands of Experts

Regardless of which stylish trends and features you enjoy viewing on websites, there are much more available for the choosing. Just ask HubSpot! Of course, cinemagraphs and web videos remain a huge trend for modern websites, but we’ll blog about that specifically in the coming weeks!

Fortunately, if you’re a running business in the Greater Houston area, we’re is available to answer your questions and concerns. If you’re looking to make a more significant IMPACT with your website, give us a call at 281-203-0529, or connect with BBMS online today. We’d love the opportunity to meet with you, learn more about your company brand, and discuss your digital marketing needs.

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