Marketplace Ministry & the Power of Referral Marketing

In this new age of digital technology, more and more people rely on referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. Whether they’re looking for a doctor or the best phone plan, personal references still work. Although referral marketing, commonly known as “word-of-mouth” is nothing new, evolving technological advancements have turned its role into something more critical. Consequently, when businesses apply marketplace ministry strategies to make genuine connections with customers and clients, they help promote referral marketing efforts even more.

Why Referral Marketing is Still Extremely Important to Your Business

Every company is looking to get a good ROI from their marketing efforts. According to Jim Rohn, a well-taken-care-of customer can be more valuable to your company than $10,000 worth of advertising.

The reason: Over 90% of people trust referrals from people they know. Thus, businesses need to ensure that the ‘experience’ each customer or client has with their brand is a reputable one. When companies make more effective connections with their audience, followed by positive customer experiences, this eventually leads to more referrals. In other words, solid referrals will always reflect a customer’s initial experience and lasting impression with a company, ministry, or organization’s brand.

People are, therefore, more inclined to hold off on investing in a brand until they get reliable input from someone they know. Every loyal customer you gain can result in dozens more, simply from word-of-mouth referral marketing. For this to work, though, you must build trust first before your customers are willing to tell anyone else about you.

Jesus’ Ministry Indirectly Gave Birth to Word-of-Mouth Marketing

What 21st Century Businesses Can Learn From His Marketplace Ministry Example

Whether your work benefits those in your community, nationwide, or globally, there’s a strategy you can apply for getting the word out to as many folks as possible. Although word-of-mouth marketing can truly help increase company lead generation, the marketplace ministry strategy can help make that initial connection.

Even today, we can look to Jesus’ example during His three years of ministry for help. He was, after all, the first marketplace minister. Since this time of Holy Week or Passion Week is a time of reflection and gratitude, we can also consider how Jesus carried out God’s will by reaching so many people before they even knew they needed Him. Jesus’ ministry to others automatically created a desire in them to want to share their experience with family and friends. Furthermore, His marketing call through ministry created an awareness of:

    • Who He was
    • How He communicated, and
    • What He did for those who sought after Him

Similarly, you know your business has something beneficial to offer that meets customer and client needs. Therefore, you’ll want to create a way to “get the word out” on your business and how others can benefit from what it offers. Not only can this approach impact the way you market your business – but it can also influence the way you live and work.


5 Ways Jesus’ Message Became Effective Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By using word-of-mouth, people shared the following information and experiences of how:

    1.  Jesus could solve problems and meet specific needs
    2.  His messages and actions were consistent
    3.  Jesus had various mixed reviews. Although some reviews were positive, and others were negative, people talked, which helped build brand awareness.
    4.  Jesus had a lot of passionate followers and advocates, especially after His death. His disciples and followers vouched for Him by continuing His message of hope.
    5.  Lastly, Jesus encouraged others (even today) to do the same as He did in 1 through 4.

Despite Jesus’ ministry only lasting three short years, thanks to word-of-mouth, His message eventually spread across the four corners of the world.

Similarly, your business can also benefit from word-of-mouth, as well as online marketing. As long as you apply the strategy of marketplace ministry, the experience that customers have with your company may help compel them to share with others. How businesses address their customers, meet needs, and help them work through their problems is essential to successful referral marketing.

Like Jesus, you’ll have passionate customer advocates, as well as a few naysayers. However, it’s important to remember that even negative comments can build brand awareness. Yet, you’ll want to deal with customers in a forthright manner when they experience various service or product issues. A valid complaint, for example, can provide an opportunity for you to remedy the situation, which can ultimately improve your reputation and win more customers in the end.

Consider a Tried & True Marketing Strategy

There are tons of creative ways to market your business, like developing a unique content marketing strategy. In fact, great online marketing strategies can establish your expertise in an industry or field. But don’t forget about one of the first and most important strategies of all – word-of-mouth marketing; it still works!

If your business is prepared to engage more with customers and clients, while also helping to solve marketing problems that may arise, it’s time we connect. Over time, referral marketing can help your audience become zealous advocates of your brand. It’s time to grow and get the word out! Connect with BBMS today.

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