5 Ways Global Pandemics Can Impact Marketing Strategies

No one can deny how much the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its massive toll on the world. Furthermore, it’s clear everyone feels the impact it has on our social life, healthcare system, economy, government, and our very way of life. Simultaneously, small businesses and major corporations worldwide also have to consider its impact on their marketing strategies. Through all of this, however, we’ve also started to realize that human innovation still proves stronger than any pandemic.

These days, marketers are using this time to serve their customers and communities differently. Consequently, their marketing strategies and efforts are now showcasing their innovation.

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How Global Influencers Can Impact Major Industries and Marketing Strategies

Global influencers – like Amazon, Netflix, DoorDash, and now Disney+ – have profoundly influenced the global market. Now, we have the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven to significantly affect our world and how we do business.

Even before the pandemic, more customers were turning to streaming TV and videos over buying DVDs or cable services. Customers also preferred purchasing household items and clothing online, instead of going to stores and food deliveries over dining in. Such influencers were already impacting marketing strategies, but not as much as they do now with the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, business industries that didn’t have a substantial online presence before have had to seriously re-think their marketing strategy.

Global Marketing Industries Most Impacted By COVID-19

Industries that have been heavily influenced by the novel coronavirus include:

    • Restaurant/Hospitality
    • Manufacturing sectors
    • Healthcare
    • Oil & Gas
    • Travel/Tourism
    • Governmental/Political

Marketing Strategies Impacted Industries

Source: S&P Global Market IntelligenceTop 5 Industries Impacted by COVID-19

In this article, we’ve pointed out five ways that small businesses and corporations worldwide are learning to make adjustments to their marketing strategies in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Pandemics Can Increase Marketing Innovations As Impacted Industries Learn to Cope

Various industries are creating innovative business models and marketing strategies to keep their businesses afloat. Not only that but also they’re looking out for the greater good while keeping safety and supportive measures in mind.

For instance:

  • Many restaurants offer takeout and delivery options to serve and protect their customers better and ensure social distancing practices.
  • Various manufacturers are stopping or slowing the production of their typical products, like cars, to focus on high-demand products, like life-saving ventilators.
  • Some chemical plants have also switched gears to make safe household disinfecting cleaning products to help meet high demands.
  • Even clothing designers have made manufacturing adjustments to begin making personal protective equipment, like masks.
  • Some liquor companies have now shifted to making much-needed hand sanitizers for hospitals and other public spaces.
  • Also, healthcare staff and facilities – to the best of their abilities – have adjusted doctor appointments and patient visits. Instead of face-to-face visits, they’ve turned to call-in appointments, as well as online and drive-thru options to meet patient needs. Fortunately, drive-thru testing sites for COVID-19 have proven to be efficient in most parts of the country.


2. Consumers Connect with New Brand Messages as Companies Update Marketing Strategies and Adjust to Uncertainties

Another essential way companies are adjusting their marketing strategies is through the way they’re connecting with consumers. Countless businesses are expressing how they’re helping their communities, which ensures continued customer support and loyalty. During times like these, patrons and people in our communities need to know that businesses understand, are concerned, and are ready to assist in any way possible.

A great example of this is Burger King’s latest line of marketing commercials. These new messages effectively inform customers of how they’re providing contactless service to keep customers and their employees safe. Their messages also convey their commitment to continued service excellence and great food.

3. Businesses Can Apply the 6 P’s of an IMPACT Marketing Plan – Integral to Marketing Efforts

Revisit the P’s of marketing periodically, particularly when you’re launching a new product/service, or when there are significant changes in the global market.

  • Process: Conduct the necessary research and due diligence to identify the best opportunities.
  • Positioning: Adjust your brand’s value to address what is in the hearts of your customers.
  • Promotion: Make radical changes to your message and how it’s presented as markets change.
  • Packaging: This is the website design or the landing page that displays your messaging, product, or service.
  • Placement: Which one of the various digital platforms will you use to place promotional ads?
  • Price: The investment into the success of your marketing plan and the return you expect to receive.

4. The World Sees Phenomenal Surges in Human Creativity as People Rise to the Challenge in Times of Crisis

Although the world is experiencing the horrible effects of this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s allowing people to display their compassion. People, service workers, communities, and companies from everywhere are coming together to showcase the best of humanity. Various countries have begun reaching out to lend support, resource supplies, and reassurance that we’re all working through this together.

In the U.S., we’re also pulling resources and talents together to fight the pandemic on the front lines. As a result, there’s a newfound and welcoming comradery taking place between skilled and compassionate healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, service delivery personnel, churches, athletes, major corporations, and armed forces.


Industries on a global scale have learned to reposition themselves in the marketplace and adjust marketing strategies all within the last 60 days to accommodate the realities of our changing world. Humanity has proven its innovative nature through companies making much-needed adjustments to provide real solutions for their customers.

5.   Pandemics Indirectly Help Promote Marketing Assistance and Support for Your Businesses

In the end, it seems that even in a pandemic, innovation continues to stem from real problems and legitimate needs. Companies and various industries will always rise to the occasion and make the necessary adjustments to provide effective solutions for everyone.

Unfortunately, not every business can bounce back quickly or move forward with making the required changes. However, for companies that are ready to seek the marketing help they need, they’ll find many experienced and professional agencies who can readily assist.

You may ask, ‘How do they accomplish this?’ We say, through developing impactful and successful marketing strategies that will work for your company. If you’re looking to stay relevant and make the necessary adjustments to your marketing and lead generation strategy, we can help. Schedule a FREE Consultation today.

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