Are You Killing Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Allow me to talk with you about what to do each time you decide to invest in digital marketing. It would help if you considered the following questions:

  1. Where are your customers? Or, to put it more precisely, at what stage are they in their buying journey?
  2. And which digital platforms will you use to best represent or accompany each stage?

Knowing where your customers are in their buying journey helps you understand where to best place your digital marketing investments.

When you’re aware of your consumers’ needs and search intents, you can best determine where to focus your digital advertising dollars. Without this knowledge, you’re killing your marketing efforts and investments.

Like most companies, you want your marketing dollars to convert and yield a high probability of return. However, in doing so, you must first become familiar with the three basic stages of a buyer’s journey.

  1. Awareness Stage – This is the initial stage where most buyers realize they have a problem OR an opportunity.
  2. Consideration Stage – Buyers define their problem and begin researching various options to find solutions.
  3. Decision Stage – Here, buyers are finally ready to start choosing the solutions they’re confident will work best for them.

These three stages make up part of the sales funnel. And at each stage, the customer is in a unique digital space with specific search intents. So, whether they’re in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email, YouTube, or even on “Mommy” blogs, they desire to connect with the right solution or opportunity to advance.

I believe your business’ marketing success lies partly in determining which digital platforms your ideal prospects frequent the most.

Perhaps the best way to learn which digital platforms your prospects are using would be to ask your existing customers first! Ask them which ones they use and prefer during the different stages of their buyer’s journey. Your customers have so much valuable information to share; so, tap into it by sending them a simple 3-Question Survey.

For instance, your survey can include their selection and ranking of the various platforms. You can also ask them which digital ads and content connected with them the most or spoke to their needs. Each of these ways will help bring focus to the platforms that work best for your customers. And once you’ve determined those online spaces, begin incorporating them to bring a more efficient focus to your digital marketing efforts.

Instead of KILLING your marketing efforts, SAVE them by seeking help from an experienced outsourced partner.

Before you spend any money on paid ads, take heed to my professional advice: ‘Always know where your prospective customers are in their buyer’s journey and which digital platforms they’re using.’ And remember, you can obtain the details about prospective leads and potential customers by surveying existing happy customers.

Once you discover where your customers are, begin streamlining your marketing efforts and placing investments in the right areas to yield a return. Our top goal is to be your outsourced marketing partner or supplemental partner to your existing marketing department. In any case, we’re always ready to ensure your online marketing and advertising success!

So, put us to the test by allowing us to help prevent you from losing investment monies and killing marketing efforts. Contact us online to share your needs and make inquiries, or call us today at 281-203-0529.

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