Is FALL really the best time to create a new web design?

Updated: Fall 2021

Fall is that time of year when many things begin again. In particular, a new school year, the commencement of a new fiscal year, and the start of the Holiday season. Therefore, business owners primarily wonder if the fall season is the best time of year for a new web design.

Most corporations and the U.S. Government have fiscal years that end on September 30th and begin anew on October 1st each year. Various private and public businesses also tend to follow suit with similar fiscal year dates. So, developing a new web design in the fall can provide an opportunity to realign your website with a New Year’s business strategy.

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This article covers the following reasons for redesigning your website:

                1. There’s a constant call for “All things new”
                2. Digital marketing is forever evolving
                3. Sites help ensure SEO best practices
                4. Attract potential customers during their buying journey
                5. Change your brand
                6. Get your web design done right!

First thing’s first: It’s not just about refreshing your website.

Business owners don’t always understand that building and designing their site is not the end-all for obtaining new leads. Creating a fresh new look to your website is only the first step. How well you plan your new strategy in conjunction with launching that website will help determine how quickly business takes off. And with the right marketing playbook, it will also determine how well your site can start working for you. So, let’s dig a little deeper.

A New Year calls for a new web design and marketing strategy.

When businesses choose to launch a new web design at the start of the year, they can take real advantage of the months before the New Year. The late-summer to early-winter months provide an opportune time to plan, strategize, and market the promotional things your business offers. As you already know, planning and preparation time is crucial to online marketing success and obtaining new sales.

Here’s a hard reality- business traditionally tends to slow down a bit during the summer months. So, why not take advantage of that time? Business employees and consumers alike tend to increase their travel and family time before summer ends. For this reason, the late summer and fall months are ideal for updating business strategies and developing a new look to your website.

Fortunately, if your business caters to direct consumer sales and the holiday season, autumn is ideal for establishing a refreshed online presence. Late fall and early winter months also provide ample time to prepare your web design prior to the start of the New Year. You can leverage this time to plan the launch of your new web design while also devoting time to strategizing how you’ll introduce new products and services. At the same time, you can consider building a new brand for the New Year.

After all, when the holiday season ends, folks are looking for new opportunities as they make New Year’s resolutions. Yet, if you’re prepared with an updated web design and online marketing strategy, you put yourself in a better position to obtain new leads.

Technology drastically changes throughout the year.

Marketing professionals know all too well how quickly digital marketing technology can change. Fortunately, these changes come all for the better in helping companies improve the way they conduct business and meet consumer needs.

If you have an experienced marketing partner, you can rest assured that your partner will ensure that your website and online marketing efforts stay up-to-par with advancing technology. After all, it’s all about staying connected to your target audience, capturing the attention of prospects looking for what you offer, and consistently meeting their needs.

If your website is outdated and riddled with technical errors, it’s extremely difficult for potential leads to find you online. However, a professional marketing partner will keep your site updated with the latest technology and marketing techniques to ensure visitors find your business online.

A new web design provides an opportunity to ensure SEO best practices are set up for the year.

Like most business owners, you have more important things to concern yourself with instead of focusing on SEO efforts. Then again, there are a few companies that are familiar with SEO best practices. They also know about ensuring these practices are followed on their website. Whether you’re familiar with SEO or not, professional marketing firms can help ensure your company set-up is correct and properly maintained.

The significant thing about refreshing your web design is having the opportunity to ensure that your site is properly optimized and error-free. Some of the things an updated website can offer from an SEO standpoint include:

  1. Increased lead generation from Google searches
  2. Improved website speed and performance
  3. Updated content relevant to site visitors
  4. Increased visibility on more online platforms
  5. The unique placement of products and services on the site as a solution.

This list can go on for days, but those mentioned above are very important.

An updated site can also attract customers if their buyer journey has changed.

With changing times also comes changing customer needs and online searches. Since the pandemic, the digital marketing industry has seen drastic changes in how people search for products and services. On top of consumers continuing to have needs, they also want to remain safe physically, financially, vocationally, and socially. With this in mind, the way they search for products and services has had to change to ensure their needs are still met.

For businesses considering a new web design this year, now is the time to research your target audience’s needs and learn their search trends. Obtaining this vital information helps you make the proper adjustments and updates to your website to connect in new ways.

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You can also consider making changes to your brand.

We’re sure you’ve heard this phrase before… ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity’.  The same thing applies to your web design, online sales strategies, brand message, and marketing plan. Different times require different techniques to ensure that your business will survive.

One of the critical components to developing a new strategy and web design is to update your brand messaging. Each time a customer or client has an encounter with your company, they have an experience with your brand – good or bad. However, there’s nothing worse than a company that is not controlling the narrative of their brand. Successful brand development and messaging tell an intricate story that connects with your target audience. Furthermore, if the message is consistent and strong, consumers will share unique and agreeable experiences that match that message.

For example, the Coca-Cola Company has always managed to deliver strong brand messaging that tells the consumer’s narrative while also speaking to their needs. This year, they ventured out to provide messaging that speaks to our world’s social climate and current condition. Their goal is to ‘inspire moments of optimism and uplift.’ So, consumers think of opening ‘happiness’ while ‘enjoying’ and sharing a moment of refreshment with others.

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