Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The tool that helps customers find your solutions


Search engine optimization (SEO) standards are always changing.

Businesses are looking for your products, services, and solutions, are they finding you? Similar to social media, email marketing, and emerging technologies, search engine optimization or SEO continues to change. In fact, SEO is constantly shifting and improving how it delivers results to users every day.

Search engines now focus on things like localization, page authority, click-through rate, and even voice assistant searches to deliver results. Voice assistant innovation, for instance, includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s critical that businesses keep up with the continued evolution of Google algorithms and the regular deployment of other browsers.


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SEO strategy and best practices

Fortunately, we track Google’s algorithm changes and apply them to our SEO strategies, which deliver the following results.

Our strategy ensures that the value of your products and services is evident at every micro-moment.

An increase in organic lead generation.
Improved keyword rank position.
Increased organic website traffic.
Improved domain authority.

Top 10 SEO mistakes and business marketing misconceptions

The following are the most common mistakes and misconceptions businesses have about search engine optimization or SEO. Take a quick peek and see if you can become enlightened and empowered.


Ignoring the analytics and forgetting to track progress


Not using the power of social media platforms as a vital dimension of content optimization


Refusing to invest in an optimized website that also provides a fast and mobile-friendly user experience


Misusing certain internal links and/or bad external links in your relevant content


Not including high-quality links on your website and in your fresh content


Ignoring the use of meta-descriptions and title tags for content optimization


Posting duplicate content that is not original and fresh


Stuffing keywords into your content and decreasing readability


Developing content that is not about your focused keyword or keyword phrase


Selecting the wrong keywords for your industry

If you believe your company may not fully understand SEO and you’ve made at least one of these common mistakes, it’s time to “Get in the Know”!

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